You light up my life

So did you guess what we’re doing this weekend? Our kitchen will never looks as gorgeous as those, but our kitchen lighting sure will! We are getting rid of our ugly, dim, 1962 kitchen lights and moving on up to the world of recessed lighting! Can I get a woot woo?! It’s sad the things that excite me these days….

Please excuse the poor angle here- but I fit all 3 lights into one picture!


Admittedly, our lighting could be much worse looking. However, what really does me in is the flickering and sizzling that happens when we turn them on. Those babies are working hard to light up our kitchen, and they are not doing that great a job. The glow is mustardy, the metal trim is hideous, and the space they cover is just not sufficient for my sunny, cheerful room. The walls are yellow enough, I don’t need to add a yellow glow to it all too!





At a closer look, you can also see the very obvious flaw in this lighting…. it is hanging off the ceiling. This over the sink light is permanently broken and dangling, just waiting to smash down on some poor unsuspecting victim. Say goodbye, you death trap– come Saturday night it’ll be long gone!




Matt and I are so fortunate to know a sibling-of-a-friend that is an electrician apprentice willing to install recessed lighting for us at a discounted fee. Yesterday Matt & I ventured to Home Depot to get all the materials and Saturday morning he’ll be here to add in the new lights and seal up the old ones. All this for under $700! If we had hired a licensed electrician, and not gone to get the parts ourselves, this job would cost around $1500.

We will be installing ten 5-inch recessed lights throughout the kitchen. The above are the “remodel lights” (which are different from “new home lights”) and the “baffles,” which are the light trims you will see in the ceiling. Home Depot lets you buy lights buy the box and individually so we were able to buy a box of six and then add four more to the order.

Nine of the ten lights will work on a main switch and the one over the sink will be a stand alone. I’ve gone back and forth as to whether or not I want them on a dimmer, but the whole point of doing this is because I hate how dim things are now so I’m opting out of it. Plus, the over the sink light will provide a little illumination if we need to leave something on at night.

In addition to the lights and trim above we also bought the following:

  • 14-2 Romex wire to wire the recessed lights
  • 12 pack of 65 watt BR30 bulbs (which is 2 extra, but we’ll need them eventually)
  • Wire nuts… which I assume have something to with the new wiring
  • Four 1/2 inch thick 2×2 sheets of drywall because a full sheet of drywall wouldn’t fit in my car and Home Depot refused to cut it in half for me (buying precut slabs added about $12 extra to our total)
  • A bundle of 3/4 inch thick strapping, which does something alongside the drywall. We only need about 3 of those sticks, but Home Depot didn’t have a scrap bin and didn’t have any small packs (this added about $10 extra to our total)
  • Some sort of net tape for the drywall

I can’t wait to see how it all turns out