Busy, busy, busy

Things here at Sandpaper and Glue house have been turned upside down, in a good way. Before I get into the big big change, let me finish up where I started with the lighting- it is installed and it is looking good!! The holes where the old lights used to be are just drywalled for now, but they’ll be evened off,  spackled and painted this weekend.

I took this picture while the electricians were still doing their thing. They were very neat and efficient, and the lights came out excellent. We ended up with nine lights instead of ten because it just lined up better when it was all measured out. And since I bought the materials myself, I can return the extra light fixture and baffle and get refunded about $30. Yeah! Overall the kitchen is so bright, it’s a world of difference. I’m really glad we decided to do it!


They did their best to cover up the holes for us, but it really isn’t their job so we’ll finish it up this weekend and then I post lots more pictures.


And now on to the best part of our weekend…. we adopted a puppy! He is a lab mix from Lucky Lab Rescue. He’s 10 weeks old and weighs just 14 pounds, to us he looks more like a weimaraner then a lab and he’ll probably end up around 50 pounds.

He is absolutely precious and we are instantly in love with him. The cats are even taking it pretty well. How could they not- just look at those ears! Lucky lab was an awesome rescue to work with too. They’re located in Indiana and on Saturday night they brought a giant van with 31 dogs (11 puppies, 20 young-adult dogs) all to be adopted to families throughout our state. It was a really interesting and exciting experience and we’re so glad we have him now.

His name is Dutch and he is keeping us super busy, so I may go down to just one post a week. It’s hard to get anything done around the house when all I want to do is snuggle with my pup (and make sure he doesn’t pee on my floor).