Thanks and Merry

Yesterday Matt & I hoted his family for Thanksgiving for the second year in a row, and we had a ball. Lots of turkey, potatoes, drinks, and movies. We also all stayed in our pajamas all day, which was the best part in my opinion.

Today while Matt had to brave his retail job on the worst day of the year, I packed up all the Fall decorations and got the house Christmas-ified. I’m not particularly pleased with any of my arrangements yet , but they’re getting there. I have bought absolutely no Christmas decorations so all I had to work with was what had been passed down to me. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow with what I’ve got so far and what I plan to do.


Frankly, it’s hard to get things done these days. Matt’s very involved with the new Xbox Batman game and I can’t get motivated when there’s a dog as cute as ours running around.

We’ve been doing awesome on the dog front, though. The cats have accepted it and are attempting to tolerate him and we’ve had minimal accidents in the house. Big milestones so far: yesterday he learned to walk up stairs and today he learned how to follow me from the yard back into the house while on a leash. I feel like such a proud mama, tomorrow we’re going to work on learning how to sit on command. It’ll be a tough one, but I’ve got bacon flavored training treats and I’m hoping for the best!