Wintery Mix

I’d like to start this post by reiterating what I posted yesterday: I am not particularly thrilled with any of the Christmas set up I’ve got going on.   However, I haven’t actually purchased anything for Christmas so I guess if I’m just working with what I’ve inherited it looks pretty good.

Ok disclaimer over… let’s dive in:

The simplest set up by far is in the sunroom. The runner was handmade by my grandmother and  I stuffed the metal rooster with red and green colored paper. Voila!


The next room over, the kitchen, I struggled with a bit. This is the third centerpiece I’ve created in the past 24 hours, and it’s definitely starting to show some promise:

This is another table runner made by my grandmother, the clear rocks were part of a centerpiece from a wedding I went to over the summer, and the rest is just candles and Christmas ornaments. I admit, I tried to incorporate the pearls I love so much but they were eliminated in centerpiece version 2.

Let’s see it at a closer look:

It’s not so bad… still not quite right but it could be worse.


Today I’ll be working more on the living room set up, but here it is as a wide shot very subject to change: 

I think the reason I’m struggling so much with the set up is because I don’t particularly care for Christmas. I like Halloween and Fall best, so those were just so easy to do. As I walk around today I’ll move things here and there and see what I end up with… so on that note, more from the living room tomorrow!