Round these parts

Well well well… it’s been a while since I’ve been on here and it is because puppy training is a lot of work. And who wants to do house projects when you could just snuggle up in bed with a menagerie of animals? Not me! We have 3 cats, a dog, and a turtle now and it’s a little insane, but I love it. I am obsessed with my animals but I enjoy them, and I’m really enjoying this new dog community we’re a part of now.

We’ve had Dutch for a month now and he is absolutely adorable. Matt and I are often at each other’s throats of him (You go pick up his poop! Would you just hold him so I can clean this mess! Well maybe if you got off the computer you’d catch him eating the Christmas tree!) but we’re in love… with each other and him. Dutch was adopted from a place called Lucky Lab Rescue, based in Indiana and delivered to us on a transport van with 30 other dogs who were all also adopted.  Lucky Lab has been awesome and I really enjoy stalking their Facebook page to see all the dogs they have saved, what the adopted dogs are up to,  and who else is in this strange little community.

In the past month, Dutch has learned how to “sit,” “let it go,” and “stay.” I’m working on “heel” but it’s proving quite difficult so I think we’ll take some obedience classes after the new year. This dog sure takes after me- he hates it outside.  Just this week I finally got to the point where he would walk outside by himself to go to the bathroom, I have been carrying him this whole time! I have never in my life met a dog that didn’t want to run around out in the world, it’s fascinating.

So, because of this awesome little ball of energy I have gotten zero work done on the house. But I don’t care! I am having a blast! What I’ve got to show you today is our holiday set up, because there has been no painting, sanding, reorganizing, or redoing.

Here is our holiday end table- I much prefer snowmen then santas. We've got 2 glass vases and a wine caraf all with cotton balls at the bottom and dollar store ornaments stacked up, as well as our wooden snowman.

Our six foot tall Christmas tree is prelit with white lights, and just about touches the ceiling. We haven't bought any ornaments at all- these are all hand me downs and gifts.

The kitchen table centerpiece: a table runner made by my grandmother, a martini glass with an ornament from an old colleague, a Santa Claus ornament from my parents house, a new home ornament from a friend, and glass beads from a wedding centerpiece. (ie, completely FREE)

Here's a shot of the whole living room together: there's a Christmas book and a snowman box on the coffee table, and another end table set up on the other side of the couch. We also have lights strung around the bay window.