Well December is almost over, which means it’s time for 2012 lists!  We’ve officially been in our house four months and there’s still so much to do, but I feel like there always will be. Instead of depressing myself with a list of everything we need to do up in here, I’ve put together a top 10:

Top 10 “Things I’d do if I had Time to do Things”

– Paint the 2nd level landing: This project requires the wallpaper border to be removed, 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of ceiling paint, and 2 coats of White Truffle colored paint. Luckily, I have everything but the White Truffle paint on hand and I’ll only need a gallon of it so this will cost under $30.

– Paint the guest room: This project requires 2 coats of primer, 1 coat of ceiling paint, 2 coats of White Truffle colored paint, and 2 coats of orange sherbet paint (thick stripes, just on one wall). I’ll still have enough ceiling paint and primer, so this will cost under $60.

– Paint the 2 entrance doors: No matter what type of cleaner we try, these doors are permanently stained and disgusting. This project is “free” because we have enough primer and white paint…. are you starting to figure out that we bought certain paints in bulk?

– Paint the sill to the living room bay window: The window sill is stained wood but it is all jacked up, so repainting it white will do several things- match it to the sunroom bay window, hide the grosso wood, and blend it better with the rest of the room. Another “free” project

– Paint our bedroom dresser: Our bedroom dresser is a hand-me-down from Matt’s stepmom and it’s in really great shape structurally, but it doesn’t match the wood of our bed and tv stand and I’d really like to try a furniture redo. We also have a power sander that I’m dying to try. This project would cost under $30, just to buy the navy blue paint I’d like to refinish it with.

– Paint the wood trim in our bedroom: Like the window sill, it pains me to paint original wood but it has been destroyed by children who were allowed to paint their own room. The room is a very pale orange-y beige so I think we’re just going to go with a white trim paint. This is another “free” one.

– Redo the office bookshelf: the office bookshelf is a hand-me-down from my aunt’s house and it is beautiful and really well made, but the wood just isn’t doing it. I’d like to paint this black, to match the steel blue and black we’d like to have the office themed with. This is an under $30 project.

– Paint the office: I almost forgot about this one until I started typing about the bookcase! I actually like the color this room is already, but the filthers that used to live here left it with holes and bumps and dust stains so it needs to be redone. It’d take just a gallon of paint, because yes we’d still have plenty of primer and ceiling paint, so it’s under $30 (these under $30’s are starting to add up now…)

– Replace the knobs on the second floor landing built in: I just need to pop in the habitat for humanity restore store and get some new knobs! I think this is going to be under $10

– Redo the 2 kitchen stools: I have 2 barstools that are hand-me-downs from a friend, I traded her my old kitchen table for the stools when we moved. They’re in good working condition but they don’t match at all, so I need to paint the base and sew up some seat covers. If there’s leftover fabric after my grandmother makes me my curtains I may use that fabric, or I may go for something a little funkier. I’m not sure yet.

Runners Up

– Redo the half bathroom downstairs: I think this project is going to be the death of me. I don’t even want to talk about it now… but if I do it it’ll be a week long project done with lots of stored up vacation hours.

– Stencil the built in living room bookshelf: I’d like a nice yellow pattern in there, but I’m going to wait until we get a rug and potentially create a stencil to match the rug pattern

– Redo the hanging for behind the kitchen table: There’s this wood hook situation that was left in the basement… I don’t know how to describe it. But it needs some sanding, painting, and crafting to be awesome

– Spraypaint the living room ceiling fan: It’s currently got brown wings (are they called wings?) and since the room is gray/black/yellow themed they’d just look better black



There’s just so many things to do, good thing I’ve got a personal assistant: