Come Together

Today my mom and grandparents came up to bring me the curtains my grandmother sewed for the sunroom and kitchen. The two rooms are open to each other so they needed curtains that would match but there is a bay window, two regular sized windows, a door window, and a half window so finding curtains to fit all of those (that I actually liked) was proving impossible. So, instead, for $35 mom bought the fabric and Nonna sewed it all together.


The fabric is a nice pale yellow with a slight white circular pattern on it that doesn’t show up in the pictures. It matches the yellow living room accent wall and yellow kitchen walls very nicely, and draws the sunroom in to finally look like it belongs with the two. Downstairs is all open concept so if the rooms didn’t have similar elements it’d be really disjointed.

The panel curtains look great on the bay window with the stained glass, and they'll look even nice when we replace the orange rocker with a cream colored chair some day.


I chose yellow because the kitchen and living room both have yellow in the walls and decorations, so it's the only color that could have tied together all 3 rooms.


They look great in the kitchen too, brightening up the walls instead of just blending in.