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I still have rugs on the brain, and I found this article and this article, both on Apartment Therapy,  that suggest I could potentially shove two or more rugs together and create a dream come true.

This might not look so bad with yellow rugs and gray stitching? Or vice versa? Or stitching that actually matches the color of the rug?


So along those lines, I could get 2 of these rugs at Urban Outfitters for $150 total and just mash them together to create one big 10×14 rug:

Or, if I want to go with yellow and work with a pattern that would more easily blend I could get 2 of these chevron style rugs:


I gotta say, I’m a little in love with the yellow chevron. I might have to mull this over until my next paycheck then go for it. I’m getting a little amped up over here!


4 thoughts on “More on rugs

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  2. The only rug we have in our house is a cotton throw rug that can thrown in the washer – I do it at the laundromat because it is a bit heavy when wet. I think it is a 5 by 7. We got it on clearance at Crate and Barrel a couple of years ago. The used to have an outlet store in Woburn!

    • Yeah, I generally keep the house rug free but the living room is a funny shape and I’m sort of building my own living room/seating area within it so we need a rug to outline the space.

      I’m dividing the living room into a sitting space and a hallway sort of space because it has two entrances and only 2 corners- very weird.

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