You can’t put a box around it

Welcome to 2012! I have plans for so many things this year… once the dog is house trained and no longer teething. But in the meantime, there’s lots of small projects we can divide and conquer!

This past week Matt worked on patching up the holes in our kitchen ceiling where our old lights used to be, since over a month ago we got recessed lighting installed. Yes, it has taken over a month to get around to spackling a few ceiling holes. Progress these days is S-L-O-W. Tomorrow morning he’s going to sand the patches now that they’re totally dry, then we’ll just need a fresh coat of paint and the kitchen ceiling will be done!

I have moved on from rug mania because we just have so many other things we’d prefer to put our money towards right now. Such as finally adding shelves to the built in closets in the movie room. Next week we will be taking measurements and purchasing wood and brackets to get cracking on this and I absolutely can’t wait. We have hundreds, and I mean hundreds, of DVDs and Blu Rays just sitting in boxes in the guest room and I want them OUT OF THERE and into the basement where they belong. Luckily this should be a 1-2 day DIY project that Matt and his handy buddies can take care of. However, we had planned to have this project finished by the end of October, so you never know.


And while Matt’s busy organizing his power tools and thinking about 2×4’s, I am starting to work on a gallery wall for my living room. The wall next to our built in shelf is so bare and lonely, and it would look awesome covered in fancy old black and white frames with art and photos- all also black and white.

Today I’ll be picking up 2 prints from Walgreens, one piece of graphic art and one picture I edited into black and white. I’ve got another piece already purchased as well, so that’s 3 total!


In addition to having 5-6 pieces of framed work on this wall, I want to throw in some depth by maybe mixing in a small ceiling medallion, our last name letters… overall I’m going for something similar to:


We’ll see how it turns out!