And I just can’t hide it

Tomorrow will be a BIG DAY in our little green house. HUGE. Like, creating the reason we bought the house huge. And luckily, I will be at work during the construction of it so I don’t pick and bother and freak out a midst the construction mess.

Let’s back up for a second to this little known fact: I bought this house without Matt seeing it or giving it any stars of approval. He was at work and I didn’t expect to like it, and then when I fell in love with it we had to move fast because it was a short sale. He didn’t see anything but the outside from a car window until the inspection, and during the inspection the homeowner was running a day care out of her living room so it was absolute madness. I thought he was going to kill me. However, the basement is the reason I knew it would all be ok.

Our house has a semi-finished basement with a den area and a half bath that is (in my opinion) to die for. Together, Matt & I own close to 4,000 DVDs and Blu Rays and before moving they were all in my living room. Which may explain why there are no electronics of any kind allowed in my living room now.  The den area has 3 built in closets which we will be converting into DVD shelving. Here’s the MLS pictures of the area:

Why they kept their clothes with their paint is really beyond me…

Real neat freaks, huh?


Tomorrow Matt and one of his handy friends are going to take measurements, buy wood and brackets, and (at least begin to) install shelving in all 3 closets. You will be able to stand inside each one to browse through the collection! Ahh! We’re also going to put tap lights in there so they can be illuminated.

Once the shelves are in, we’ll be buying a new tv stand and installing the rest of our speakers (currently 4 of I think 7 are out and about). Then finally, next summer we will install wall-to-wall carpeting (once we go through all the seasons and are sure there are no leaks/floods).  It’s a real hidden gem down there.

Wish us luck!