Ups, Downs, Roundabouts

This past long weekend we had a lot on our agenda, and I am pleased that a good 75% of it actually happened- which is pretty solid for us because boy do we get distracted by sweatpants and DVDs.

Matt was able to get 4 of the 8 required pieces of drywall up in his media closets, and hopefully the remaining 4 will be up within the next 2 weeks. Once they’re up the closets will be sanded and primed and painted the same green as our sunroom. We also looked at swatches for the rest of the movie room walls and we decided on a green called “Medevil Forest,” maybe just because we like the name but it’s a nice dark hunter green that will go well down there. Because that room is used for watching tv, a dark wall color is important for glare and reflection.

While Matt was busy with drywall, I was ever so busy removing the wallpaper border from our upstairs landing. I have been dying to redo this landing for months, and it’s finally almost done. I was hoping to get it primed this weekend too but our plans were a bit derailed (explained later in this post) so it’ll have to wait until next weekend. The pictures of this hallway are horrendous, but that’s just a reflection of how it is in real life too. The walls are filthy, peeling, holey, and all around in need of some fresh paint and welcoming artwork. The landing will be painted in white truffle… which if you’ve been reading from the beginning, was the original color of the living room. White Truffle lasted in the living room less then 24 hours, but in this hallway it’ll last for years! I want something light and airy that won’t overpower the rooms that are branched off of it.

This is the view of the landing from our bedroom door. From left to right you see a bit of the stairway that leads up from the living room as well as the attic hatch door, our built in storage cabinet, the bathroom, and a towel closet. The built in storage cabinets will be getting new handles at some point and the bathroom will be lightened up but I haven't any clue as to what color- suggestions are welcome!

This is a view of the hallway from the bathroom. From left to right you see a smidge of the door frame that leads to the office, our bedroom, then the guest room. The guest room will most likely be white truffle as well, with a striped accent wall for some added fla-vah.


Once I had the wallpaper border removed, I spackled the walls in about a million places and the ceiling in two spots. Since I needed to wait for it to dry I couldn’t go ahead and prime it right away. But no fear- I found another artsy project to get started on!


I’ve been talking about a gallery wall for a while now and it’s finally in its early stages:

Currently I have 4 frames and a piece of tissue paper with a drawing on it that represents a picture sitting at Walgreens that I have neglected to go pick up.


The tissue paper picture will go in a white frame (yet to be purchased) and we have picked out 3 other prints we’d like to print up and add to this wall as well (frames for those have yet to be purchased too).  The frames that we do have I’ve taken my time gathering along the way, and I want to continue on in that fashion. The “HOME” piece came framed, the frame of Matt and Dutch I purchased at TJ Maxx a few years ago, the middle frame is actually a wooden Dollar Tree  purchased that I painted black, and the tacky ornate black frame was a Marshall’s find last week (clearance section, baby!).

Here’s another view close up:

All the frames will be either solid black or solid white, and all the art will be black and white as well. Eventually I'd like most of this wall to be totally covered.

Before hanging things on the wall I went through a highly scientific step by step process to ensure everything was where I wanted it:

1. I found the largest sheet of tissue paper I had and taped it to the wall.

2. I traced the frames on the tissue paper.

3. I forcibly ripped the back of the frames off so the stand wouldn’t cause it to protrude from the wall.

4. I tore holes out of the tissue paper where the frames were going to go.

5. I velcroed the frames to the wall because I’m awful at figuring out where the nail should go.


See- lots of measuring and calculations. And levels! Yeah, if anyone asks I also used a level….


And now on to our road bump….

We woke up Sunday morning to find we had no water... because a pipe in our basement froze... and then when we called in the plumber it split while he was defrosting it. Womp womp.


It turns out among many bright ideas the previous owners had, they decided it was smart to completely cover all the pipes in the basement and not properly insulate them. Man, I am learning a lot of what not to do in a house.

The plumber had to cut a hole in our wall to get to the pipes because they were covered with no vents or grates anywhere. Upon cutting it we realized why it froze so quickly and so easily: The insulation in the walls is butted up against the drywall that faces inward towards the room, not the cement wall that faces outside to the street. This means that cold air creeps in through the cement and gets held in the insulation that is right in front of it. You are supposed to put the insulation up against the outside facing wall so that it catches the cold air and does not let it permeate into the wall. So, we need to trim up t his whole a bit and cover it with a grate so that as we heat the downstairs room, some of the heat will flow into the walls and prevent freezing. At least it happened while we were home and we caught it right away so nothing burst inside the walls without us knowing.


And there’s our long weekend!