As the paint dries…

…get it? Like “As the World Turns?” heh heh. Sorry, I’ve been inhaling paint fumes since 8am and I may just be loopy.

Matt’s work schedule has been a bit wonky since school started and he ended up having today off, so we finally got our act together and primed the second level landing (it will be painted tomorrow). I am so so pleased that this finally got done. The landing wasn’t an awful color, but it was filthy. It was un-washable levels of filthy and I have been dying to get it painted since the day we moved it.

Here’s two before shots, from before the border was even taken down:

View from the bedroom towards the stairs and bathroom.


View from the bathroom- you can see I spackled right when we moved in, hoping that it would be painted soon after.


And here’s how things went down today:


We laid out all the supplies and let the animals smell and investigate it. I know this sounds crazy, but if they get all their sniffing and studying out of the way before we get started then they don't bother us at all while we're working. I'm basically an animal whisperer...


Next, we taped the molding up and turned the bathroom into our paint supply closet. Painting took especially long because the landing has five doorways and the built in. Not shown in this picture, we also removed the railing from the stairs- we assumed this would be easier then painting around it.


We got the whole first coat just about done, saving the hatch door for last. Taking off the door meant letting a lot of cold air in, so we've sealed it up with plastic bags for the time being.


Overall, it was just your basic priming job. Nothing particularly tricky or time consuming. From start to finish it was 3.5 hours for two coats of primer and a coat of ceiling paint. The difference is remarkable though, here’s the “middle stage” pictures…

This is the view from the living room up the landing. So bright! So white! So clean!


The view from our bedroom. Shiny!!

And finally, a view from the office. Henry approves!


Come back tomorrow to see the finished product!