Pin it!

Are you on Pinterest yet? You totally should be! You need to request an invite, but if you’d like to leave your email in the comments I will send you an invite so you don’t have to wait. And trust me, you don’t want to wait!

Find my boards here, follow all of them or follow a few! I have 13 boards that are not terribly well organized, but super helpful nonetheless. I’ve gotten so many great ideas from Pinterest.  Some of my boards have helped with things to do right now: the shutters in my living room, my martini glass and plate cake stands, and my paint colored glass jars. Some of my boards help with things for the future: I will have a niece or nephew one day and I need to learn things to do with kids (my “remember for future kids” board), I plan to host holidays at my house eventually so I’ve got boards to combine meals and decorations for each one. Here’s a screen shot:




But reader beware: don’t click the link unless you have absolutely nothing else to do today, because you will be sucked in for hours!