Livening up the hallway

Now you know I couldn’t go leaving the hallway plain off white with just one thing hanging on the wall- my style is a little more cluttered then that. I’m trying to keep the hallway simple and clean looking, but it still needed a little jazzing up.

I hung another cluster of pictures at the top of the stairs on the wall that faces the bathroom. It was really very difficult to get a full wall picture because there’s light coming in from so many directions and my camera is awful, so here’s a blurry one that shows you the area we’re about to zoom in on:

I took about 20 shots and this is the best one- damn you Panasonic camera!


I decided not to put any pictures of people because the wall stares right into the bathroom, and it would have really creeped me out to have faces looking at me while I’m brushing my teeth. So instead, I’ve got a map of Italy with a heart on the area my family is from, a print from of a hot air balloon, and a housewarming card that I need to buy another frame for:

These particular prints are all in this spot "on purpose." The yellow of Italy draws from the yellow in the living room downstairs, the blue draws from the bedroom and office, and the silver frames match up with the frame set on the wall directly in front of the stairs. I also think the subtle more pastel tones don't overpower the small space--- do you like my fancy HGTV explanation?


The built in directly outside the bathroom is waiting an update as well.

This sad little guy needs some love.


The wood is busted up, the handles are outdated, and it’s a bit of an eyesore. So $1 per handle at the ReStore store, some primer, and some white truffle paint will give this area the facelift it needs.

I plan to replace the old coppery handles with these new gunmetal tone ones. I'm going to be painting just the 2 doors and the 2 draws, because the wood molding matches the wood molding on all the door frames that are in that hallway.


I’m hoping on Saturday this project will be done, I just need to run to Home Depot to get some wood filler since the handles are different sizes.


So there you go- a brand new hallway! What do you think of the changes?

Dutch is exhausted by all the interior design…

It’s tough to match up pastels when you’re color blind.