Mission: Incomplete

Operation Upgrade the Built In came out about 50/50… I’m hoping to make things better (note: not perfect) this weekend.

Let me share with you how things have gone:

From afar, things only look slightly awry- the white is nice, the handles are a great color, and it's got kind of this 70s vibe to it that I really dig.

Unfortunately, when you zoom in on the doors you can see they are slightly uneven. And honestly, this is probably not going to get fixed- it is widely known that I am incapable of making things level and this is just close enough.

The bigger problem lies here: I completely missed the mark on the lefthand side handle and need to wood glue the hole and try again. I also learned the hard way (via the right hand handle) that you should drill THEN paint. Apparently drilling splits and peels paint...oof.

Overall, I'm really liking the look and hopefully by Monday it'll all be up to par.


ps- what do you think about the peek into my dark, dank bathroom? Yeah, that’s got to change. I’ve decided to paint it the same orange-y beige as my bedroom some day soon in hopes of brightening up. Seriously, who decided to paint the bathroom the same color as the business you do in there?


3 thoughts on “Mission: Incomplete

  1. You are too funny! Yea, I got your emails and then pinterest and then here! You are a freakin hoot! I love the way you write on your blog! You kill me! This is ok. I am not crazy on wood. Growing up and the last house I was in had wood doors..wood molding..wood freakin kitchen cabinets!! Dear god !! That’s enough!!!! Here at my husbands house, it hasnt been touched since around 1970’s or earlier. I only did the bathroom ASA I moved in 2004. Has anything ELSE been done to his house inside…ummm…NO. I am not very ‘go get-emish’ but once I start, it’s off to the races!!! Did you ever finish that built in?! …Pam

    • I fixed it a little bit… but I took the lazy route and just super glued the handles to where they needed to be 🙂 It’s worked out so far!!

      I like a little wood tone here and there…. but most of the wood in our house is REALLY beat up and stained/scratched so a lot of it needed to be covered.

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