Today my new bedspread arrived! I bought it online from Kohl’s and have been waiting anxiously for a week to see it. I will admit, as a stand alone new item in the room I’m not super crazy about it- but envisioning it with all the changes I plan to make I think it’ll be pretty awesome. I think.

Here’s two “before” shots that show the old bedspread (be forewarned: my recently neutered dog will be modeling the room for us today):

Sure it's all very grown up and appropriate looking- but where's the fun in that? There's no spark! There's no style! There's nothing strange about it besides the sad cone on my poor dog's neck!

A closer up view of the bedspread- again, not terrible. Just not ME.

And now the after:

Yes, I know it looks a little beachy-teenagery. But just wait until you read about the rest of my plans before you decide to hate it! Also, pardon my dog's cute little butt- it was dinnertime.

I did not realize until captioning this picture that I bought a bedspread with the exact same pattern in different colors. I must really like damask.

So, still to come to this room:

  • Replacing the shades with white blinds
  • Replacing the brown curtains with sheer navy curtains
  • Paint the bureau navy blue! (I am very excited about this)
  • Replacing the lampshades with… white shades maybe?
  • Adding a chair to the empty corner

In conclusion, this is definitely not everyone’s style. But it’s mine- colorful and bold with plenty of other places to darken things up. I just don’t if it’s mine for a master bedroom, or mine for a 14 year old girls room.

I think I'll have to sleep on it to make sure it's definitely the look I want.