3rd time’s the charm

Well I’m back today with yet another comforter, but I’m 98% sure that this one is the keeper!

The old blue & brown comforter came from our last apartment and I just thought it was too dark and hum-drum for our bright, sunny new house. The teal/lime comforter I recently posted was tobright and sunny for our bright, sunny new house. This third paisley dreamboat is just right.

It's nothing mind-blowing, but it's comfy and the pattern is really nice. I also plan to spruce up the room with cream or ivory curtains and to paint the bureau slate blue- the same slate blue I'm actually putting on the walls of the office today (pictures of that in a day or two). I think with a quieter comforter, I can add some splash to the room with decorations and accents.

Plus, this one really seems like a real crowd pleaser….

 If you look on the bureau, you’ll spot our new blinds! Woot woo! So long shades, I never learned how to operate you and I never will! The blinds will be up and rockin’ tomorrow, and I can’t wait.