Clean Slate

In comparison to other rooms of our house, the office wasn’t in terrible condition. It was a normal color (a  medium shade of blue) and was just slightly filthy (again, in comparison to other rooms)- black outlines on the walls where pictures used to be, cobwebs in the corners, paint dobs caked on the floor.

Here’s a few before shots:

We didn't really set up the office when we moved in, it was a bonus room so it just became sort of a dumping ground for things we didn't know where to put yet. Hence, your view walking up the stairs and into the room was of two litter boxes on top of a work bench. Class-y. It seems Henry liked it though... meow.

Again, just a hodgepodge of stuff. Books, boxes, trunks, and miscellaneous crap.

 Once we got the room emptied, we realized just how much spackling was needed. A LOT. I can’t imagine what you would hang so low on a wall, and how some of the dents and bumps got there. But at least that’s something we knew how to do!

We also debated for about a week on what shade of blue we wanted to paint the room, dark slate blue or cloudy grayish blue. Finally Saturday I made the split second decision to go dark- and I am so so glad I did! So far this is the only color in the entire how that came out exactly as I pictured it.






The room, while not finished yet, is really shaping up:


The new view from the doorway- adios litterboxes!


This picture doesn’t really capture the blue as nicely as it really looks- it’s very dark and rustic. It actually makes our molding look nice, which means it is doing work because our molding is awful.

We plan to get black topper curtains for the two windows in the room, and Matt has some posters I’m going to frame and put up on the wall.




As an extension to the desk, we put the small black bookshelf we already had. This holds "everyday" books, since Matt's in his last semester of college. Then the tall wooden shelf was free to hold some of our favorites and collections. Still in this pictures, the blue looks super light. It isn't though, it's musky and manly!


On the bookshelf is part of my camera collection, Matt's Mystery Science Theater movies with a signed picture and 2 signed tickets from live shows, and some awesome movie and horror books.



Perhaps the best part of the room though is the light switch I got Matt for Christmas. He absolutely loves Mystery Science Theater so I bought a lightswitch with the screen cap along the bottom, and then he got it signed when he went to see Cinematic Titanic’s live show (which has several of the cast members).








So what do you think?!


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  1. I am freak-out jealous of all that MST3K stuff! Love that show! I am enjoying your blog too. It’s nice to read about real decorating from a real person without a million dollars!

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