Simply Glowing

Yesterday we got nine inches of snow, so my work was closed and Matt’s classes were cancelled. Hooray! We got right to business on the guest room and it is now painted a very, very bright orange. Even I have to admit it’s a bit over the top… but I’ve been able to reel in my crazy in every other room of the house so I think I can go a little nuts in an extra room.

Have you noticed yet that Dutch likes to run into whatever room I'm in and lay on the softest spot that room has?

Bam! You don’t ever even need to turn on the lights in here, it literally glows when the sun is shining. All you see in this room is all there is- a bookshelf, a nightstand, and a bed. It’s not a huge room so I didn’t want to load it up with furniture, and it’s just an extra space so I don’t really want to spend money on it. Eventually I’ll get a nicer white curtain and hang some things on the wall (to split up all the ba-zamming orange), but that’s about it. I’d like to have everything I add to this room be white, it’s already overpowering enough.

Also, I’ll have you know that orange is my absolute favorite color, which is why we went with it. We toyed with lighter and darker shades before we decided to just go for it, but in the end why not. It’s loud, proud, and here to stay!


2 thoughts on “Simply Glowing

  1. Love it! And the white furniture does help in those bright colored rooms. I once painted a guest room and really bright blueberry and the white furniture and curtains really added to the pop while maintaining some sense of sanity! Think about white trim on your window and baseboards too?

    • I think a lot about the trim… I hate to paint over wood but the wood is not in such great condition anyways. We’ve been mulling over painting all the trim in all 3 rooms upstairs but still go back and forth about it.

      Glad someone else likes the orange! 🙂

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