A little somethin somethin

Now that I’ve got my 3rd time’s the charm comforter settled in the bedroom, I wanted to accessorize around the room just a little bit until I’ve got the money for something big (navy curtains! and an upholstered chair!). After painting the office I had a little bit of leftover top coat so I decided it was high time I did something with some of the glass bottles I’ve hoarded.

First let me say- it physically pains me to throw away a container or bottle of any kind. I think Matt must sneak downstairs when I’m asleep to thin out the collection because I can not do it. You always need them for something! Cream cheese containers, butter containers, wine bottles, jelly jars… you name it, I hoard it. Other things I hoard include buttons, scrap pieces of ribbon, used tissue paper and gift bags, and travel sized hotel shampoo/conditioner/lotion.

With that said: I took a wine bottle, a mad dog bottle (sidenote, I suggest you never ever drink mad dog), and a cocktail sauce jar and transformed them into what you’re about to see:

Aren’t they just so simple and cute? I taped off the bottom of each bottle with painter’s tape and painted the top 2/3 with the leftover paint from the office. They got 2 coats with a sponge brush, with about an hour to dry in between each.

The gold is craft paint I had left over from an old project. For the drippy looking bottles, I loaded the paint on thick and then let them dry upsidedown. I’d say each one has about 3-4 coats- partly because craft paint is watery and thin and partly because I wanted to try and control where the drips were. Again, I let it dry about an hour or two between each coat. For the stripe-y looking bottle, I first painted the bottom part with some tester paint I got back when I had comforter #2 and was thinking about painting our bureau teal. Once that one coat dried, I thinly laid on two coats of gold with a sponge brush. Overall the look is bumpy and messy, but that’s what I like about it. I am absolutely not an artist, and knowing that I don’t strive for perfectly straight lines or even texture. I like the imperfections, I think they add character and fun.

I placed the bottles on the bottom shelf of the tv stand, and I think they do pretty well adding some height and depth to an otherwise cheap piece of Target furniture.

Plus, I get to look at them from my bed every night…


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