Thank you tax return!

I was a good girl when I got my tax return and put aside the amount of money it costs for homeowner’s insurance each year, so I can pay it off in one lump sum and not have another monthly payment. But I still had money left over and I’ve been itching to make some slightly larger purchases.

First, I went to Big Lots and got a super cute kitchen cart, which I will post this weekend when I post whole view photos of the kitchen. The cart is white with a metal top, so it works well with the kitchen and living room. It’s a great size and holds everything that was originally on the entertainment center (yup, entertainment center) that was originally in it’s spot. Dare I say that I am now done working on the kitchen? I’m almost afraid that if I do, something will break.

Then, just this morning, I bought some slipper chairs from Target. They’ll arrive sometime next week, just in time to finishing sprucing up the house a little before Nonna’s birthday party next Saturday. I purposely bought two of the same chair even though they’re going in different rooms so if we ever want to move around furniture we’ll have a matching set.

Originally, I wasn’t even looking at this one. I had picked out an all yellow chair with this wispy pattern on it. Then when I went to get Matt’s approval (I like to make sure I’m not overly girly), he picked out this one and I agreed.

I plan to put one in our sunroom (which is green and yellow) and one in our bedroom (which is blues and wood tones).

And DON’T TELL MATT but I think I’m eventually going to want to paint the sun room from green to this shade of blue- so it doesn’t match perfectly now but it might in the next year or so. I just feel that room is disconnected from the kitchen (yellow and white)  & living room (grey, yellow, and white)  and bringing in a third color that actually matches would help with the flow down there. Those three rooms are all wide open to each other, so I think I may need to get them on the same page.

Anyway, if you are in the market for some basic chairs you should really check out Target’s online selection. There are some cute things popping up over there!