The Evolution of My Kitchen

My kitchen has come a very long way in the past 6 months. Buckle your seat belts, you’re about to get slammed with a whole mess of before and after pictures….


I apologize that this is blurry, it was before I knew I would have a blog and just wanted quick shots to remember which house had which rooms. However, note the HEAVY look of it: the two wallpapers, the dark curtains, the yellow lighting, the permanent tablecloth.


Now, that same shot- bright! cheerful! New recessed lighting! DIRT FREE! It's seriously amazing.


Here's the other side of the room at the showing- if you thought I liked clutter.... you have no idea what it was cut back from! Seriously, who needs all that on their fridge? And why didn't they have a basement door?


Ah, much better! A cute little kitchen cart, a somewhat clutter free fridge, a door! And you know, a dog bed covered in duct tape.


Don't forget about the old, broke black sink! And also, is there really a need for that many things on a window sill?


Yes, my sink has dishes in it. This is an average, every day shot and sometimes I don't feel like cleaning dishes. Also- note that I was not kidding about hoarding containers, there is a butter one in there right now.


Clearly all those before and afters didn't happen over night. Within the first week of being here we enlisted a lot of help from our families to take down the wallpaper then spackle and prime the busted up old walls.

Then, there was the waiting period while I dragged my feet creating wall art and used an entertainment center until we found the perfect kitchen cart.


I say "just about" because there's always more to do. The barstools need new paint and new fabric, the stuff on top of the fridge needs a permanent home, and eventually I'll get around to doing those dishes...

And because it’s brand new and cute….

Here's our fresh, new Big Lots kitchen cart. Matt was a dreamboat and assembled it while I was at work, and everything from the entertainment center fit right inside it (as well as a few additional things, because I can't visit my family without coming back with boxes of house stuff).

So there you go, there is a 6 month turnaround time from haphazard to adorable. Hope you like it as much as I do!