Gallery Wall Update

I’ve been slowly but surely adding to our gallery wall and getting things in some semblance of order. Our living room is the most empty room in the house because I am trying to find cat-friendly furniture at a reasonable price and it is nearly impossible to do so. However, the shelves and walls are coming along nicely.

From a distance, I think it’s really starting to come together. I need to add more to the top and more to the bottom and balance out the black and white a bit more, but it’ll work itself out as I go.

I also added a little pop of yellow to the built in by placing in yellow tea cups I got from my Nonna this weekend. The shelves are pretty much set now.

Here’s a breakdown of the pictures and frames as top-to-bottom as I can:

  • A picture of Matt & I waiting for a white frame
  • A postcard of the town we first lived in together, in a $4 repainted frame from the Habitat for Humanity Restore
  • Architectural Art that I bought on clearance framed for $5 total
  • A graphic art piece in a repainted dollar store frame for, $1 for the frame and under 50 cents for the print
  • A funny comic printed offline for under $1 and a $7 white target frame
  • Another picture of Matt & I in a repainted dollar store frame, $1 for the frame and under 50 cents to print the picture
  • A picture of Matt & Dutch in a TJ Maxx frame that I think was about $6
  • 2 repainted mirrors, $4 each
  • An ornate frame on clearance from Marshalls for I think $5 with scrapbook paper
  • A print I found online in a Target frame that was about $6