Sunny little sunroom

Our 2 Target slipper chairs have arrived, and with minimal assembly and very crumby instructions they are out and about our house! They’re pretty cute, and look true to the picture. The colors are a little off from what I expected, the yellow is more bronze-y gold and the base color is more beige then white, but the differences actually make them look better in their respected rooms.

Today, I’ve got pictures of the sunroom to share….

Here is a view of the room from our kitchen, which is wide open to it- no doorway or wall. For this reason, I am keeping the furniture up against the wall and leaving the center space empty. That door peeking out on the left side is also the main door we use to enter the house, so it's another reason to keep the space somewhat bare.


I plan on getting a very small pedestal side table to put to the right of the chair, just so there's a spot to put down a drink or a plate. Other then that, the room is pretty much done. That's TWO rooms done now!


And here's the view from the living room-the third room in our open concept downstairs. I have to say, I'm thinking it looks pretty rocking.


So what do you think? Love it or hate it? Needs more oomph or has just enough oomph?


3 thoughts on “Sunny little sunroom

  1. Love the dahlia fabric on your chair! Did they come that way or did you recover the Target chairs? I’m thinking that they came that way, which is so cool!

    • They came that way (and were on sale!!), we got one for the sunroom and one for the bedroom. Luckily the misjudge of fabric worked in our favor because they are super cute.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Very nice! I think I will look for a similar print and recover an existing chair we have in our bedroom. I have decided we are finally ready for a coffee table!

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