When I posted pictures of the sunroom, I noted that I wanted to find a small pedestal table to put next to our lovely new chair- something just big enough to put a cup or plate on and something that wouldn’t overcrowd the room.

After I sat on it for a bit, I decided it wasn’t a table I wanted at all! I have no idea what these things are actually called, but I went looking for a ceramic garden pedestal. You see them everywhere when you’re not even looking- they’re usually oval shaped with a flat top to put a plant on, they’ve got carvings all around the outside, and they’re hollow. If you know the actual name for this please tell me!

I started my search at K-Mart because it’s on the way home from work and I found absolutely nothing remotely close to what I was picturing in my head. However, the trip was not made in vain because I explored a lot of lawn/grass seed options while there- I think the time to plant grass seeds is soon and there are an overwhelming amount of products out there.

Anyway, after K-Mart was a huge no I headed to TJ Maxx. Many-a-moons ago I used to work at a TJ Maxx and they had stuff like this all the time… and they did this time too!

Meet Owly, our new sunroom butler! He's so dapper and pudgy, and he really looks quite nice in the space. I was afraid to even take him out of the car when I got home because I thought Matt was going to kill me for bringing home a two foot tall ceramic owl, but he loved it too!

In the grand scheme of the room, he isn’t as obvious as you’d think and he’s the perfect thing to finish off the room with. Here’s the view from the kitchen:

See how he just sort of peeks out? Totally looks like he's been squatting in there forever.

I am now up to 3 roosters and 2 owls in this room, and I’m thinking the tall rooster in the bay window may need to be relocated but I’m not sure yet. Also as an aside, where the floors switch colors is actually a step down from the kitchen into the sunroom, so it’s not such a strange transition in person.

This weekend I’m going to try to post a before and after gallery for this room, I think it’s actually more dramatic then the kitchen change. Stay tuned!