Slow and steady wins the race

To get from the “before” sunroom to the “after” sunroom was no easy task- it was slow, slow, slow over the past 7 months and it is now officially room #2 in our house to be complete.

So if you’re up for it, here’s the 11 stages of the sunroom:

This is the sunroom on the day I viewed the house..which was maybe June or July. Note how not at all sunny it is in there with the heavy curtains, oversized couch, and dark wallpaper.

Here's another angle of the sunroom, more oversized furniture and there definitely used to be a tv in there before the house went on the market. We're pretty sure the family that lived here used this as their living room because they ran a daycare out of the actual living room.

The day we moved in we washed this floor, and all the rest of the floors, at least 3 times. It was absolutely filthy. However, without the furniture and drapes it was already looking much better. long wallpaper! Matt's brother came to stay with us our first week in the house and the two of us took down the wallpaper in both the sunroom and the kitchen.

Primed! My family came up the second weekend we were here and we primed the whole downstairs of the house- sunroom, kitchen, and living room. We're very lucky both families pitched in so much.

The morning Matt's parents came to pick up his brother (after he had been here the week) we got up super early and painted the room- we wanted them to see at least one room with color on it. This was my first experience with paint colors looking nothing like I thought they would, but at least with this one it worked out better. I had pictured something darker and richer and the lightness in this room really works.

Here's setup 1 of 800 for this room... we put the two camp chairs together because we were originally thinking of getting a love seat for the room and were trying to test the space. The bench had come from Christmas Tree Shop and man, it just looked so tiny under that window. Nothing up this imaginary set up worked for us.

We went to Bob's Furniture to get a couch for the living room and ended up coming home with this bar, which called for a complete redesign of what we had pictured for the room. I love having the bar in here, and the bench next to he door (which is cut off the picture) made a lot more sense. Lots of shoes and jackets have been thrown on and under that bench.

We swapped out the camp chair for a rocking chair (from my grandparents) and added the stained glass to the window (also from my grandparents). At this point I started to have a new idea for how this room would end up.

Again, my grandparents came through big time- I picked out fabric and my Nonna sewed up matching curtains for the kitchen and sunroom. There were so many windows in so many sizes I never would have found something I loved that actually came in enough shapes and lengths for both rooms.

Then finally, we got the slipper chair and the owl stand and the room was complete. Ta-da:


And don’t worry about over-stretching that pointer finger of yours, here’s a side by side before and after:


This is by far the room with the largest payoff. I’m so glad we got a house with a “bonus” room because we’ve used this space a dozen times already to entertain and spread out. I learned a lot in this room- how to take down wallpaper, how open space can work in our favor, how to let what I pictured for a room evolve, and how to buy furniture at four different stores and make it look like it goes together.

So what do you think?!


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