An arm and a leg

There are so many people, including me, that just absolutely can’t afford to walk into a showroom and buy a ready made set of furniture. A cheap armchair runs about $300- for just one! A decent rug is upwards of $1000! Then you still have to have it delivered or shipped! It’s depressing and frustrating and can honestly leave you feeling lost in your own space as you wait to find a bargain piece of junk that you think you just might be able to maybe turn around.

Instead of getting bummed out about it, Vintage Revivals blogger decided to start the FFA club.


In her post she writes:

“We are going to have different ‘challenges’ every other week and linky parties to show off all of our bravery. Some of the challenges are going to be theme or color based, some are going to be project based and some are going to be internally based.”

 So don’t get bummed that your house is half done and pieced together and things aren’t perfectly matched up- join us! She even had the cute badge below drawn up so you can add it to your blog and get in on the action (I added it to my Contact & About section). Check out her blog tomorrow for the first post!


Vintage Revivals