FFA Challenge #1

You can read the instructions for the Fearlessly Finding Awesome challenge #1 here, but overall it is to reflect on the style and feel we want our home to have before we go out and start trying to create it.

I don’t know about you, but I  had my house all decorated in my head before I ever even started looking for a house: the living room would always  be gray, the kitchen could be nothing but yellow, the bedroom needed to be artsy and unique. I rented for four years before buying- which is four years of beige and white walls and not buying anything too nice because it might not fit when I move, and making due with what I have. WELL NO MORE! If I want every room in my house to be a different color, then so be it! Nobody has to like it but me (and I suppose Matt, but luckily he’s color blind).

We’ve got the house pretty much painted now and I’m working on the decorating. So far our color breakdown is as follows:

  • Kitchen = yellow!
  • Living room = gray!
  • Sunroom = sage!
  • Hallway/landing = white!
  • Guest room = smack you in the face orange!
  • Bedroom = eggshell with an orange hue!
  • Office = musky blue!
  • Bathroom = currently (poop) brown but soon to be the same as the bedroom
  • 1/2 Bathroom = currently navy and yellow but one day to be musky blue and white
  • Movie room = currently blood crimson but soon to be even muskier blue

So now I’m past the easy part, the “cheap” part. When I think about the feeling I want my house to have I know I want it to be somewhere you can come in, throw your coat down, and relax. It should be welcoming, inviting, friendly. But it should be a little weird and antique too- because I’m a little weird and antique. I don’t want tons of photographs on my walls, I want art. I don’t want plain rectangle frames, I want scroll work and embellishment. I don’t want you to walk in and think “oh this is nice,” I want you to walk in and think “oh, this is interesting!” But I want it to be sell-able in 7-10 years too!

This weekend I’ll post some updates on the living room, which is starting to show all of these things, albeit with the lack of chairs because goodness gracious are chairs expensive.

Stay tuned! Leave comments! What do you want your house to feel like?

And because I don’t want a post with no media at all, click here  for a 30 second video of my puppy doing a trick for bitter spray because apparently he has no taste buds.


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