More Bathroom Brightening

I tried at least 8 ways to photograph the bathroom in a way that shows what I actually did, but it was impossible. So you’re going to need to use your imagination a little.

I decided that I like the openness and brightness of not having a shade or curtain on the window but because we have neighbors directly behind us, something needed to be done. I got frosted contact paper from my grandmother and put it up over the window, that way the light still comes in but no one can see us showering (whew!)

When I tried to photograph this as a wide shot, it was so bright that the window was blown out and you couldn’t even see that there was something on it. This is a super close up of the contact paper applied to both panes of the window. I measured, cut, and applied it with my license. If you use your hand to smooth out the paper when you’re peeling the back off you’re going to end up with a lot of bubbles and bumps, so instead slowly peel it back while flattening the contact paper with a smooth surface (like a license!). I also used a razor to cut the paper where the window lock is and around some of the edges where it ended up a little long. The window was longer then the length of the paper by about 3 inches, so I just lined up the design the best I could. You can still see a little bit of the seam, but I think it looks just fine.

I also got a new white shower curtain, silver hooks, and two white rugs for the room. Again you can’t tell by the picture, but the pattern on the shower curtain is the same as the pattern on the contact paper:

Overall, I think the room is looking about as good as it can until we get rid of the tile. The white really makes it look cleaner and the open window helps to curb some of the claustrophobia you feel when you’re in there.

Here’s a view from the shower curtain out into the hall:

There's the second little rug in front of the sink, with a white hand towel to match. I still need to paint that silver mirror white but I have a few other projects to get to before I tackle that.

I got the shower curtain at Target and the rugs at Bed, Bath & Beyond (with a gift certificate!) so it was under $50 for all three. All three are also machine washable, because there is no way whites are going to stay white for long in this house!

So in case you missed the first post, here’s how things started out:

Brown! Dark! Sad!

Dank! Gloomy! Barf!

And here’s where we’re at today:

Leeeeeeet the sun shine! (sing it as you read it, it's better that way)


Art Up!

Matt’s office has been painted and set up for a few weeks now, but we’ve been really dragging our feet hanging up the art. However, it’s finally done!

This room and the movie room are really the only spaces in which Matt has a say what gets hung on the walls (sorry,  Matt)- not because he has bad taste but because he has SO MANY POSTERS that I know they’d creep into other spots if I didn’t hold firm. There were talks of hanging a Nightmare On Elm Street print in the half bath at one point and seriously, I just couldn’t pee under those conditions. But anyway, I digress.

The only thing left to do in this room, besides vacuum the rug, is to hang window toppers. Unfortunately, the past two times I went to Walmart to grab black window toppers they had none. Maybe third time’s the charm!

Here's the view of the room from the back left corner. Matt's got two posters up, a bulletin board, and some wall storage. It's crowded, but I think it looks really nice. And yes that's our trash can on the desk- Dutch loves to run in there at 5am, pull everything out of it, and bring it to us while we're sleeping so it had to be elevated.



Our friends got us the Frank Turner poster at a concert we had tickets to but were unable to make, I picked up the Anberlin poster at Bamboozle Left last year, the bulletin board is about 15 years old and we got it from my brother's old bedroom, and the metal storage pockets are from TJ Maxx.


I framed the two posters myself with frames from Michael’s, they each took two nails so I used my trusty tissue paper method. I tape tissue paper the length of the frame to the back of it and poke holes where the nail hooks are. Then I tape the tissue paper to the wall, use a level to get it right, and hammer away!  I’m sure there’s a more efficient method out there, but that’s what works for me so I’m staying true.

On the opposite wall hang two of Matt's most prized possessions.... right on top of the cat restroom station. At least it's hidden behind the door, so you don't see it until you walk all the way into the room and turn around.


Up close and personal: Matt's two signed Cinematic Titanic posters along with 2 signed tickets from their shows. Once again, I framed these myself.


So there you go, another room that’s just about complete! We are moving along here people!

What I Wore Wednesday

I’d like to start up/trial run a little series here titled What I Wore Wednesday, where each Wednesday I’ll post what I wore (if you couldn’t have guessed that from the title) and where it came from. I think fashion sense absolutely crosses over to decor style and it’ll be interesting to see how the two go together.

Several blogs I follow do something similar, which is where I got the idea. Cassie over at Hi Sugarplum!  has a whole section of her blog dedicated to outfit inspirations – where she draws style from the environment around her. Kate over at The Small Things Blog has a keen eye for creating cute  outfits that are affordable and realistic for everyday.

I chose Wednesday because it’s smack in the middle of the week, so chances are I’ll be in work clothes. Basically if I’m not in work clothes, I look like crap. I hate being fancy, I’m no good at being uncomfortable in my clothes, and really I just want to wear jeans and a t-shirt everyday. Right now I’m typing this blog in fleece pj’s and a hooded sweatshirt I’ve owned since high school. So when I say “Wednesday” I mean what I have on from 7:30am-3:30pm.

Anyways, here we go!

Springy! Cute! Work appropriate!

I class it up at work and manage to be pretty stylish most days. But there are several things that always hold true:

  • I am forever in layers. I always have a tank top on under every single thing I wear. I don’t know why, I started in high school and I just never stopped. I also absolutely hate it when it’s so warm out that I can’t wear nylons anymore- I eventually succumb to it, but not without a fight.
  • I will never wear a sleeveless shirt without something over it. This is partly because I have a shoulder tattoo and partly because in working at a college I am surrounded by students and want to set a good example of what is work appropriate for young professionals.

Why yes, I did chop off my head in this picture. Do you know how many shots Matt would have had to take to get one that I find online acceptable? I’ll tell you: one million. So no face shots! But anyway, here’s how it all pulled together and I think it’s darn cute! I was pretty comfy today in my flats scooting around campus. Most days I’m in 4-5 inch heels, but during course registration time I do a lot of walking new students around and shuffling paperwork from here to there so I try to keep myself flat to the ground.

And here’s the run down on where it all came from, top to bottom:

  • Necklace: Forever 21 (sometime in the past 2 years- thanks Amy!!)
  • Black cardigan: New York & Company (sometime in the past 2 years)
  • Cream top: Kohl’s (yesterday!)
  • Black dress pants: Kohl’s (about 5 years ago)
  • Ballet flats : Marshall’s (sometime in the past 2 years)

So what did you wear today? Do you post fashion on your blog? Let’s link up! Share your link in the comments or email and I’ll add it to the post!

Bathroom Progress

Let me start by saying that I seriously hate my bathroom. If had had a few thousand dollars laying around I wold smash the room down to its’ studs and start from scratch in there, but I don’t clearly, so I’m slowly making due with what I have.

The bathroom is, in a word, dank. It’s got cracked tiles, uneven tiles, permanently stained grout, and terrible lighting. When we first moved in we washed the floor with regular floor wash (ok, it was Fabuloso from the dollar tree) and I 409’d all the surfaces. It just never looked clean, so over the past 2 weeks I have bleached the wall and floor tiles, whichworked wonders. My grout is apparently a light beige and not the tan-ish brown we’ve been living with since August. I also used a bleach and Comet mixture on the sink, toilet, and tub and got off more stains then I even knew were there.

So after the intense scrub down, this is what I had to work with:

This is a hard room to photograph because of the size, but you can see in this before picture that the walls were a very dark brown- not an awful color, but just no good for the space. You can also see here that the sink setup is missing the main cabinet door, so I’ve just got a curtain on a tense rod there. :le sigh:

In the above picture you can see that the previous owners put tiles on top of tiles- some spots have 3 layers- and it wouldn’t be awful if it was done evenly and neatly but of course it wasn’t. There’s also that heavy shade, which is very nice quality and in good shape but that’s as “open” as it gets so half of the light from the window is immediately blocked out.

I decided to work with what we had lying around and painted it the same color as our bedroom, because I still had plenty of primer and paint left and this meant not spending any money:

The color IMMEDIATELY brightened up the room, it’s a huge difference and I’m very happy with it.

Still to do in this room:

  • Add frosted contact paper to the window so the neighbors can’t watch us pee
  • Either paint the silver mirror white, or buy a new white mirror
  • Replace the shower curtain and floor mats with a white curtain and mats (I really like the curtain we have now, but it’s seen better days)
  • Bleach and repaint the ceiling (it’s got scum and mold on it, blech)
  • Possibly buy a white medicine cabinet to hang over the toilet
  • Eventually replace the overheard fan and two light fixtures

When I was priming the room, I noticed that my tub-o-primer had a picture on it of tiles being painted. Can you paint tiles?! And if so, how does it hold up over time and what does it look like? If I could paint these tiles my whole life would change. Ok, maybe not my whole life, but a significant part of it. Imagine if all the beige was hospital white! Or soft teal! It’s the kind of thing every 26 year old girl dreams about… or, at least this one does. So I need to do some research on this, but feel free to chip in if you have any insight or experience!

FFA Challenge #2

The second Vintage Revivals challenge has arrived, and I love this one! The blogger, Mandi found a style quiz on the Homegoods website that’s actually pretty fun and accurate.

Take the quiz here, then comment with your results on my post or Mandi’s!

Here’s what I got:

Yes, I’d have to say “glamorous eclectic” is a polite way to define my choices. 🙂 Now I just need to reel it in and make it all look on purpose.

Budding with color

It’s no secret that the outside of our house is in a sad state of affairs- it’s mostly dirt, moss (which I actually kind of like), and dead grass. We’ve got years of work ahead of us to fix it, and I’ve been doing my best to rake and weed regularly until I’m positive the cold is gone and I can put some flowers in the ground.

We’ve got (what could be) a really cute flower bed under our sunroom window, and you walk by it on the way into the house and the way into the yard so I really want it to look nice. I’ve been steadily checking to see what’s growing in there and trying to clean it out.

I pulled all of these painted rocks out of the bed and just moved them to the side of the house- maybe a good rain will wash the paint off and then I can use them for something else down the line. Also, that is an absurd amount of rocks to have in a small flower bed.

I’m awful at figuring out what are weeds and what are not, so I didn’t pull anything if I wasn’t positive. However, it looks like most of the plants in the flower bed aren’t flowering plants… which sort of defeats the purpose in my opinion. Once the nice weather is here to stay I plan to dig up whatever doesn’t flower and move it to a new spot, then replace it all with tulips and pansies and whatever else the greenhouse has that’s pretty.

Right now it’s mostly dirt, some leaves, and greenery- blah. I’m also quite sure the existing tulip plants are almost all dead, with the exception of two that have buds on them. In addition to replanting the greenery somewhere else and adding new flowers in, I think I need to clean up the outline for the flower bed- the dirt on the left side needs to be separated from the dirt on the right side a bit more clearly.

But look at my one champion survivor! It's YELLOW!

So basically the update today is that all our land is still mostly ugly dirt, but at least I’ve got plans for the ugly dirt now.


I have been slowly chipping away at my gallery wall for months now, and it’s looking better and better each day. It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea- but as far as I’m concerned it’s not just the tea, but the crumpet as well! I love it. It’s bold, cluttered, tacky, and a little overwhelming… not unlike the person who assembled it 😉

Right around Halloween the wall was completely bare and the room was looking like this:

I think many people (ahem, my entire family) would have just left it like this and called it a day. But I have no putting-holes-in-the-wall fears so onward I moved.

It started off tiny and slightly imagined:

Then it picked up some speed along the way….

And now BAZAM- it’s more then 50% done!….

Squares! Circles! Letters! Oh my!

The F’s and M’s represent Matt’s and my last names, I picked them up at Michaels today for around $3 each and I just had to add them right away. The wall still needs more balancing.. more circles definitely. Overall though, I’m really digging it.

In the grand scheme of the room I think it looks just fab, and the wall directly across from it is bare (and will stay bare) so I'm feeling confident that it was the right move.

What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Suggestions? I want to know!

And while you’re here, would you mind taking this quick one question poll?

Thank you ever so much.