When skies are gray

I’ve been whining about my living room a whole lot lately, so I thought I’d post pictures to show the current state that it’s in. It’s really not  terrible, it’s just that every other room in the house is much closer to looking how I want it to so in comparison this one stinks.

Here is a sort of dark picture of the room, angled from the bottom of the stairs in one of the kitchen doorways.

  • One day I’d really like that bench to be replaced with two over sized armchairs, but as I’ve said a million times chairs are wildly expensive
  • I’d like to get an 8×10 carpet in this room to separate the “sitting space” from the “walking space.” This room is a strange shape and with three entrances (2 from the kitchen, one from the stairs) it really needs to have some lines drawn. However, I’ve found there is an absolute hole in the market for affordable rugs that aren’t plain looking.
  • I can’t decide if my window feels too naked- I want to pain the trim (not the inside, just the outer) white for sure, but I wonder if I want to add an extra drapery across the top. What do you think?

This angle is from the stairs that lead to the second level.


Taking a step back, you can really see the size and shape of the room. Out of view all the way to the left is the front door, and we’re pretty sure that coat closet actually used to be a fireplace. You can see here how an 8×10 rug that starts at the base of the coach would outline the living room area from the walkway area.


This is the view from the back corner.

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a picture from this angle, which is really what you need to understand the open floor concept of the downstairs. Here you can see the two entrances from the kitchen and the entrance from the stairs, as well as the wall art I made myself after getting some Pinterest inspiration. The room looks awfully bare and sad from this direction, but you can see how the yellow kitchen works with the yellow and gray living room. The kitchen is the same paint color as the living room accent wall directly across from it.

If you look, the far wall of the room is still the original white truffle paint color I immediately repainted in the rest of the room. The white truffle travels from the front door, up the stairs, and into the hallway. This is another way I made a “path” from space to space.

The gallery wall!


The gallery wall is getting cluttered and magnificent! I need to add some other shapes to it, I think I’m going to get an “M” and an “F” up there to represent Matt’s and my last names as well as a few more circular shaped things.

One day I hope to  have a couch without a slipcover on it, because the droopy mush  mess of a couch we have right now drives me absolutely insane. However, I paid $60 for it sooooo I probably should complain.


And here’s a close up of our current display, I don’t have any Easter decorations so this has been out for a bit. The tray is from Target (so cute!), the white bowl is from a consignment shop, the glasses fillers are from a wedding centerpiece I got last summer, and the candles are from Ikea. Love love love the old look of this.





So there you go, my living room from as many angles as I could get! I wish the floor was nicer, and the radiators were nicer, and the couch was less slumpy, and we had chairs instead of a bench, and a rug down on the floor. I wish, I wish, I wish. All in due time!







8 thoughts on “When skies are gray

  1. Oh honey, I can relate. We have almost the exact same layout to our living room. Our couch is in the same spot as yours, and we have our TV stuff on the opposite wall (where you have those 3 pictures.) Everyone coming down the hallway gets a nice view of the spaghetti mess of wires behind the TV stand. I’m probably the only person I know who feels like she needs to dust the cords behind the TV before company comes over! And there is no way for me to do anything interesting with the layout since I need to keep the multiple doorways clear, so all our furniture is lined up against the walls and looks odd. I keep searching Pinterest for that magical picture that will tell me how I should lay out the space but everyone has these cavernous square rooms with no weird walls or TVs they have to work around! We had an area rug for a while and I do think it made the room look more cozy. Silly me, I decided to change up the color palate and sold it on Craigslist but now I sort of wish I still had it because you’re right – those suckers are expensive!

    • Glad I’m not the only one! haha! Luckily, we have a finished basement where the tv lives so I don’t have to try and figure out where on earth it would go. Check at a Best Buy (or similar store) for “wire management strips”- at my last place we had these tubes we put all the wires in, then the back of the tube stuck to the wall and it could be painted.

  2. Have you tried a flea market for chairs? Not sure where there are any in your area but there has to be one somewhere. You can probably find some chairs for cheap… they might be janky but you seem pretty awesome at making things look a hundred times better!

    And for the window, maybe add shades to the windows themselves instead of another drapery. My mom has bay windows and they each have a pull down shade and larger curtains that pull from the side. That way you can have as much or as little light as you want!

    • I have tried a zillion antique shops for chairs with no luck– but flea market season is right around the corner and I am READY FOR IT! I’ve even discovered upholstery spray paint in case I find something in a heinous color. Keep your fingers crossed for me 🙂

      • I saw the thing you posted with the upholstery spray and it is SO COOL! One day when I have a house to furnish I’ll definitely be trying that out. ACTUALLY! Maybe sooner… I’m going to take an IKEA Billy bookcase and turn it into a bench/cubby hole and maybe I’ll fix up an old cushion instead of buying one! Your blog is giving me ALL OF THE IDEAS!! 🙂

  3. Have you looked at rugs at the Christmas tree shop? They sometimes have some funky ones that are more reasonable.

    • oh, I haven’t. I’ll have to see where the closest one is to here! I need to stop at a Homegoods to peruse as well, I think. Not only does it need to be cheap, it needs to be cat-proof.

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