I have been slowly chipping away at my gallery wall for months now, and it’s looking better and better each day. It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea- but as far as I’m concerned it’s not just the tea, but the crumpet as well! I love it. It’s bold, cluttered, tacky, and a little overwhelming… not unlike the person who assembled it 😉

Right around Halloween the wall was completely bare and the room was looking like this:

I think many people (ahem, my entire family) would have just left it like this and called it a day. But I have no putting-holes-in-the-wall fears so onward I moved.

It started off tiny and slightly imagined:

Then it picked up some speed along the way….

And now BAZAM- it’s more then 50% done!….

Squares! Circles! Letters! Oh my!

The F’s and M’s represent Matt’s and my last names, I picked them up at Michaels today for around $3 each and I just had to add them right away. The wall still needs more balancing.. more circles definitely. Overall though, I’m really digging it.

In the grand scheme of the room I think it looks just fab, and the wall directly across from it is bare (and will stay bare) so I'm feeling confident that it was the right move.

What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Suggestions? I want to know!

And while you’re here, would you mind taking this quick one question poll?

Thank you ever so much.


3 thoughts on “Letters

    • oh I like it! I’m definitely one for over the top, so if it was me I’d keep adding to it- wider and higher. But why rush, find stuff you love and add over time! I had that scribbled piece of tissue paper taped to the wall for months holding a spot until I found what I wanted, haha.

  1. I absolutely love it. I’ve always wanted to do something like that but never had the space/resources to do it. More circles would definitely balance it out, but I think the cursive F helps a lot too with how rounded it is 🙂

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