Budding with color

It’s no secret that the outside of our house is in a sad state of affairs- it’s mostly dirt, moss (which I actually kind of like), and dead grass. We’ve got years of work ahead of us to fix it, and I’ve been doing my best to rake and weed regularly until I’m positive the cold is gone and I can put some flowers in the ground.

We’ve got (what could be) a really cute flower bed under our sunroom window, and you walk by it on the way into the house and the way into the yard so I really want it to look nice. I’ve been steadily checking to see what’s growing in there and trying to clean it out.

I pulled all of these painted rocks out of the bed and just moved them to the side of the house- maybe a good rain will wash the paint off and then I can use them for something else down the line. Also, that is an absurd amount of rocks to have in a small flower bed.

I’m awful at figuring out what are weeds and what are not, so I didn’t pull anything if I wasn’t positive. However, it looks like most of the plants in the flower bed aren’t flowering plants… which sort of defeats the purpose in my opinion. Once the nice weather is here to stay I plan to dig up whatever doesn’t flower and move it to a new spot, then replace it all with tulips and pansies and whatever else the greenhouse has that’s pretty.

Right now it’s mostly dirt, some leaves, and greenery- blah. I’m also quite sure the existing tulip plants are almost all dead, with the exception of two that have buds on them. In addition to replanting the greenery somewhere else and adding new flowers in, I think I need to clean up the outline for the flower bed- the dirt on the left side needs to be separated from the dirt on the right side a bit more clearly.

But look at my one champion survivor! It's YELLOW!

So basically the update today is that all our land is still mostly ugly dirt, but at least I’ve got plans for the ugly dirt now.