What I Wore Wednesday II

Welcome to the second edition of WIWW! Wouldn’t you know, I found another blogger (totally way more internet famous then me) doing the same thing. Hop on over to The Pleated Poppy to check out not only what she wore today but what her tons of followers wore too!

Today was a tough get up and get dressed day for me- I’m fighting off an intense stomach bug and I also had a really important meeting today. Basically I haven’t been able to hold down food since Monday night and I absolutely had get out of bed and bring my A game to work. I needed to balance comfort with fancy, and here’s what I came up with:

I decided to keep it super simple: black shoes, black pants, black shirt, and a silver blazer. Nothing too tight or too clingy, nothing itchy or pull-y.

I am not the type to wear a full matching suit, and I never expect to be, so for me this was professional with style. I can’t be in head to toe black, and I hate suit jackets, so I felt that this met somewhere in the middle. Sure a shimmering silver jacket is a little wild for a professional meeting, and rolled sleeves are semi-Miami Vice but I think it looked just fab.

I kept my jewelry as minimal as my outfit today too- flashy, but not overpowering. A girl always needs some flash, amirite?!

Here’s the run down of where it all came from:

  • Silver Candie’s brand blazer: Kohl’s (last week!)
  • Black t-shirt: TJ Maxx (sometime in the past 2 years)
  • Black dress pants: Gap (sometime in the past 2 years)
  • Black ankle boots: Payless (within the year)
  • Fossil watch: TJ Maxx (within the year)
  • Pendant necklace: a bridesmaids gift from my dear friend Megan

And so I throw it to you- what did you wear on this dreary, rainy Wednesday?


2 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday II

  1. Posts about fashion instead of painting? YES PLEASE. So I shall comment!

    Dark rinse cropped jeans (Lands End, Spring 2011)
    Floral silk tank (J Crew Outlet, Fall 2011)
    Beige cotton jacket (Talbots, Spring 2010)
    Blush patent leather bow flats (Miu Miu, Summer 2011)
    Gold layered necklaces (J Crew, Winter 2012)
    White ceramic watch (Michael Kors, Winter 2012)

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