Have a seat!

When we first moved into the house I got a new kitchen table from a friend of a friend. I then traded my previous kitchen table in exchange for two barstools. Isn’t it interesting how no one ever throws anything out? It all just goes round and round!

I forgot to take a completely before picture of the barstools, but the legs were unfinished wood before I put these two coats of primer on:

Besides them not matching the kitchen, the leather was all scratched up and some of the stuffing was starting to come through. All cosmetic issues though, they’re still plenty sturdy and together.

I knew I was going to upholster them so when I bought fabric for the kitchen wall art I got enough extra to cover both chairs too. I definitely cut corners on this project, but it was my first foray into re-upholstering so with all said and done I don’t think anyone will be the wiser.

After two coats of primer and two coats of pure white trim paint (it is amazing how much use I am getting out of that one gallon of trim paint) it was time to get to the grunt work. I didn’t want to take the leather off the chairs because I’m pretty sure the piping is what gave them their shape. Instead, I used leftover quilting batting from the wall art project and staple gunned it right on top.

I didn’t measure the quilting, I just laid the seat upside down on top of it and cut around. First, I made four staples- one on each “side” of the circle. Then I tightly went around the whole thing adding staples as needed. Once it was done, I cut all the excess fabric off so it would bulk up under the next layer. Because the seats are circles, there’s folds along the sides of the chair but I was not about to go sewing strips together so I can live with the folds just fine.

I used the same process to attached the actual (freshly ironed) fabric to the chair- 4 staples on each side then pulled tight as I stapled all the way around again. I used a lot more staples on this layer then the previous one just to make sure it holds steady and also to stop any frays I might get from wear and tear.

This was a pretty quick process once I got going, maybe about 15 minutes per chair. I wish I hadn’t dragged my feet on it for so long but painting those legs was a huge pain and I honestly took weeks in between each coat.

The curtain fabric is different then the art and barstool fabric, which was done on purpose. I didn’t want everything super matchy-matchy, but just enough so that they belong in the same room together.

The kitchen is absolutely my favorite room of the house. It’s cheerful and happy and yellow. Perfect! All I need to do is get new seat cushions and it’ll be all set.



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  3. It is really cute; you’ve done some nice things in there. I reupholstered our kitchen chairs and did it exactly the same way as you did. They’ve held up for 5 years so hopefully your stools will do the same!

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