You’re in the jungle, baby

Well I did it. I got living room chairs! There were a lot of things to take into consideration and I have been looking for months but the chairs I picked meet all of my criteria:

  • Under $200 each
  • Wooden frame (so the cats don’t scratch)
  • Must have arms!
  • Match the black/gray/yellow color scheme


Originally, I saw these chairs on Joss & Main (if you’d like an invite to the site, leave me your email address in the comments) and they were pure white and black print. In checking around, I found them $30 cheaper per chair on with just a slightly off white coloring. They arrived on Tuesday and Matt was so kind as to assemble them for me on Friday.

I absolutely know that these chairs aren’t for everyone, but if I can’t be a little extra ME in my own house then where can I be? I have 2 zebra purses, a cardigan, a bath towel, ballet flats, a necklace… the list goes on. It’s a print I love and have loved for years. I went back and forth on whether or not to get them for about five months and then I decided that if they stuck in my head that long, then I just had to have them.

Overall, having chairs in the room really helps to pull the space together a bit more. We still need a rug and a few other decorative things, but it looks like a room now and not just a vast open space.

This is the shot as you walk down the stairs- so you can clearly see now the “living” space and the “walkway” behind it. Remember, behind those chairs are two entrances to the room in addition to the entrance I’m standing in. Yes, my dog DOES think he’s a cat so he regularly sits in the bay window with them.

Here’s the room from the back corner, shaping up and matching nicely.

So there you go! Our couch is still a real bummer, we desperately need a rug, and the floors are grotesque but overall I’m really really happy with this purchase!


4 thoughts on “You’re in the jungle, baby

  1. wow! I’m not a zebra print fan (or animal print in general) but this looks REALLY good! guess you’re a great designer if you can make someone who doesn’t like a print LOVE a room. can’t wait til it’s all put together!

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