Yard Improvement

You may have noticed that over the past few weeks things have been full steam ahead here at the house. Well that’s because we were getting ready for Matt’s huge graduation party- not only did he earn his degree, but our families all came to our house to meet for the first time!

It was a gorgeous day for a party, and it was so awesome to finally sit back and enjoy our home instead of spending a day fixing this and tweaking that. A few days ago I posted a video of what our yard looked like “before,” and even though we’ve got a ways to go things are definitely looking up:

The turf is cleaned up, the cement swept, and the weeds weeded! Matt actually had to take a pitchfork to most of the yard to get the weeds up, they were seriously rooted in and overpowering everything else. Once it was all up I sprayed 2 coatings of weed killer (over a period of 2 days)- I got one that was safe for dogs and kids, and it worked pretty well but not perfectly.

And here it is from the opposite side: grass is mowed, fire pit is rocking, patio table built, tiki lights ready for a par-tay! You can see on the lefthand side that unfortunately there was no way we could get up all the sand from outside the box, but we did our best.

We got our patio furniture set from Walmart- it’s a seven piece set that came with 6 chairs, the table, chair cushions, and 2 accent pillows. The umbrella and the umbrella stand came from Big Lots. It was actually super easy to put together. The chairs took about 15 minutes each and I put them all together myself, the table about 10 and we needed to people just because of the weight of it.

Eventually we really want to patio this section of the yard, but for now at least it was a hot day so the dirt wasn’t muddy. I am actually planning to take a patio building course in June! It’s two nights, a few hours each night, and it’s only $30 for me at the college I work for!

The fire pit is my absolute favorite addition because it was F-R-DOUBLE E FREE. The cinderblocks were stacked up against the side of the house, left by the previous owners, and we put sand in the holes once the pit was arranged as well as sand on the ground inside it. The sand came from the sandbox on the side of the house. It was supposed to be a temporary fix until we could buy a real one, but honestly I think we’re going to keep it.

So how was your weekend? Did you putter around the yard or sit back and grill? I hope it was as sunny and lovely as ours!


3 thoughts on “Yard Improvement

  1. looks awesome! I would definitely party in that backyard!

    Todd and I share a backyard with our neighbors (we live in a duplex) but the yard is mostly on their side of the house. we’d like to clean it up though and have a place to hangout since we have no front yard, only a rock pit filled with weeds (that we need to pull up). what was the weed killer that you used? there are a lot of dogs in our neighborhood and we’re on a busy corner. I doubt just pulling them would stop them from growing so it’d be nice to get something that’s safe.

  2. As usual dear granddaughter I have to say that you are a great little worker.We are proud of you, love you now take a rest !!!! We had a great time at your house. To have bought a house at your age is great. What you have done is even greater.

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