Curb Appeal Part 1 of ?

Let me start this post off by saying I have no idea what I’m doing here. I am making it up as I go along, and hoping it looks ok in the end… I have literally never even mowed a lawn.

Ok, disclaimer over. We are in the process of making our property look somewhat acceptable from the outside and man is it a lot of work! Current plans include:

  • Creating 2 flower beds on the front lawn (started today!)
  • Cleaning out the 3 existing flower beds (ongoing)
  • Building up the front lawn so it meets the retaining wall (started today!)
  • Setting the backyard on fire and starting from scratch…. I wish.

This morning, because we’re insane, we were up at 5:30 and working by 7am. My goal for the day was to tackle the first agenda item and I’m proud to announce it is 50% complete and we made some additional progress outside as well!

I hope you’re ready for a picture party….

Before: This is the front lawn view from the middle of the lawn facing right. The grass is patchy, uneven, covered in weeds, and just not at all pretty.

Before: This is the front of the lawn facing to the right. Our ugly cement front stairs that we have literally never ever used and more patchy weedy grass.

Middle: We decided to add a flower bed to the corner where you drive up to the side by side parking. I used rocks as a guideline for the shape and size of the bed, and a pitchfork and shovel to get it all up. I pitchforked solo for the first hour while Matt wrapped up some painting in the half bath, then he came out to take over that job while I cleared out additional weeds and rocks.

Middle: Here she is gutted and ready for flowers! Look at my man, hard at work! Ow Ow! We have a rose bush that was a housewarming gift from Matt’s aunt and uncle and pansies that were a gift from Matt’s brother. The rocks we’re bordering the bed with have been dug up from all over the property. The wheel barrel and pitchfork were left behind by the previous owners. The mulch is the only thing I actually bought for this whole project, four bags totaling $20.

We planted the rose plant in the center and the pansies all along the border. We have absolutely no idea how big the roses will get- tall or wide- so this bed is most likely going to look pretty empty this year while we watch it grow and we’ll fill in more flowers next year when we’ve got a better idea.

Almost done: Isn’t it looking so much nicer? We decided we do want to pick up a few more pansies because it is just a little too bare, and then we’ll mulch it over by the end of the weekend.

Start to finish this took almost three hours, mainly because we relocated the dirt as we went (more on that in a future post) and because there were so many roots we had to dig up. And yes, we do plan to mow the lawn but we’re putting in another flower bed tomorrow (in front of the cement stairs) so we’re going to wait until that’s done.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! We were really movin’ and groovin’ so while we were at it we decided to relocate some shrubbery and clean out the shed. I don’t have before pictures because we just got right to work, but here’s how things shaped up:

Our house is up up up on a hill, so this is more front yard property. It’s a complete disaster down here and we need to get a weed whacker STAT because it’s too uneven and rocky to mow.

I moved those three little green shrubs from in front of the shed to in front of this flower bed. They weren’t making sense where they were because they were buried in grass and not in an area that anyone really sees. It’s my first attempt at transplanting so pray with me that I didn’t kill them. In the flower bed are what my Nonna refers to as “hens and chicks,” she gave them to me a few weekends ago and I haven’t kill them yet so HURRAH! Hopefully they’ll continue to spread out through the entire space.

While I was transplanting and digging, Matt completely emptied out the shed and rearranged it into sensible order. The previous owner left behind quite a bit of supplies, and we have some of our own stuff as well.

Our shed is huge, but here’s just one angle for you to see: on the top shelf are our metal folding chairs, below that are our patio set cushions, and then all sorts of yard supplies on the floor. The shelves are lined with cardboard boxes to act as a buffer. Good work Matt!

All that done before noon! This afternoon we’re headed out for a winery tour and tasting because frankly we’ve worked hard enough for one day, but tomorrow hopefully I’ll be back with flower bed number 2!

What are you up to this weekend? Any tips for me?!


4 thoughts on “Curb Appeal Part 1 of ?

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  2. Excellent progress! You can’t kill hens and chicks, really and they will fill in nicely. You can even stick them in between rocks in the stonewall. Those little green shrubs are hosta. They do well in the sun, but also do well in the shade too. Make sure you water everything really well know that you have put them in – every day for the next week or so. Especially the hosta!

    I have tons of perennials that need to be thinned out. We just need to coordinate a visit!

    • HOSTA that’s what they are! I see them everywhere and just couldn’t place the name. Everything got a good watering today, and I have a few more flowers to add into the bed tomorrow before I mulch it so I’ll water it again. I can’t wait to see how everything grows!!

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