Curb Appeal Part 2!

Things are really starting to come together outside, and even though it’ll take a few years for everything to grow in as it should and get settled it’s nice to see the light at the end of it all.

Yesterday morning I finished working on flower bed numero uno:

I added impatients here and there around the bed then mulched the whole thing over. It took two bags of mulch, and could probably use half of another bag- way more then I expected. Hopefully things will fill out and grow nicely over the next few months!


From the front steps it still looks so tiny, but with the lawn mowed and the bed replacing so many weeds and patchy spots it still looks really nice.


This morning I got up and out by 7am to put in flower bed numero dos, which doesn’t have nearly as flashy a finish:

My coworker gave me some shasta daisy plants from her yard, which are supposed to grow and spread. Along the base of the stairs I also planted gladiola bulbs, so hopefully they’ll come up nice and tall and hide the ugly cement. I haven’t mulched it over yet because I think I should wait until the gladiolas spring up.


It all looks a little puny now, but in 2-3 weeks it should be much more full. On the steps I have more impatients (gifted from my mom), basil and parsley (which I started from seed in the house a month ago), and a rose plant that I’m trying to nurse back to life (also from my mom). The short round pot is empty right now, but I’ve got oregano sprouting up from seed inside and once it’s big enough it’ll be added in there. One day I’d like to create a walkway from the front steps to the driveway, but that’s a year two or three project for sure.


Our front yard is pretty huge, so the addition of the two beds didn’t take up much space at all. And in addition to this part of the front yard, we also have land in front of the retaining wall that we haven’t even touched yet.


This summer is all about adding order and color, next summer we’ll work on grass seed and weeds.



Between the two flower beds I had 6 or 7 full barrels of dirt and dug up grass, and nothing goes to waste in this house! When we got the inspection done the inspector said that we needed to build the lawn up to be level with the retaining wall so that in the winter as snow and ice melts it’ll flow over the wall instead of trying to push through it (which causes damage and wear).

Each bucket full was dumped out and spread at the front of the yard. We still need a lot more building up, and  I fully expect it to be a dirt-weed disaster zone, but we’ll deal with that all next summer when we seed.




As for what’s left, well, plenty! The side yard is very rocky and mossy because we’re on a hill, and there’s a flower bed built in there that I’m just going to let overgrow this year to see what pops up. I’ll weed and clear it as needed, but otherwise I’m just curious to see what the previous owners had planted in there:


Underneath the sun room bay window (also part of the side yard) is another flower bed I’m sitting back on:

I planted some zinnias that I got from the greenhouse where I work and I cleared out a lot of weeds, but that’s all I was looking to get done right away. I think I may move the filler green spider plants on the right side of the bed to where the mailbox is at the end of the property but I want to see how the hostas I moved down there do first.



What have you been up to this memorial day weekend? Any yard work? Relaxing? BBQ’s?

Hope you have a great day! Yay America!


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  1. I actually did some yard work myself this weekend! And I’m still SO SORE. We have a rockbed in front of our house (no yard to speak of though) and then mulch on the side. The weeds got out of control in the 9 months we’ve been living there so we finally got them all ripped out. Pics are up on my facebook 🙂

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