Half done in the half bath!

Matt is officially done taking college classes, which means he officially has time to take on some of his own house projects. His first project: fixing up the half bath. This bathroom is attached to his movie room, so it’s a priority for him. It’s also a room that needs A LOT of work:

In pictures it just looks messy, not awful- but trust me that it is awful. The yellow is SUPER bright (and that is coming from someone who painted a room glowing orange) and the bottom half is actually painted contact paper that is bubbled and peeling. Simply put, this room is a hot mess.

The room is a good size and stripped down it is a good space to work with, but as you can see some of the painted contact paper/wallpaper (whatever the heck it is) has just been peeled right off. The molding along the bottom of the floor was never even painted. The vanity is outdated.

First, he removed the chair rail that went around the room, hiding the seam between actual wall and wallpaper- all he had to do was pry it off. Then, as I did upstairs, Matt started by peeling off as much of the “whatever it is” before he went about using DIF and scraping it.

Unfortunately when he did start scraping, the drywall started coming off as well- no bueno. So we decided he should just prime as far down as he could and we would use bead board or wainscotting to just cover over what we can’t remove. While he was at it, he also put two coats of ceiling paint up.

Even just half done, the space already looks brighter and more open. Also, Matt later went back and painted the built in white.

Yesterday we went to Home Depot and got paint for the top half of the room (a nice shade of blue), and we plan to paint the bead board or wainscoting white.

So, still to do in here:

  • paint the top half
  • put up the bottom half (that’ll be a fun how-to post!)
  • possibly paint the vanity and switch out the handles on it
  • find a way to clean the sink
  • add frosted contact paper to the window (like I did in the upstairs bath)
  • decorate!

What do you think? Any tips? Have you updated a bathroom recently?


6 thoughts on “Half done in the half bath!

  1. That is whack that it was just contact paper on the lower half! I think some proper wainscotting will look nice in there. What color scheme are you going for? I also think it’s cute that your mom comments on your blog! Aww. 🙂 I don’t have a blog but I post all my stuff on Pinterest. I just finished an entryway project you might like: http://pinterest.com/erindammen/my-entryway-closet-project/

    • We picked out a slate blue called Waterscape (behr) for the top half of the bathroom, and the room it’s attached to will be a slate blue as well- that way it’ll match the office (so all Matt’s spaces in the house will coordinate). I’ll post when it’s painted!

      My grandmother posts on the blog too! They are super adorable- I’m a bit of a distance away from them so it’s the best way they can creep what I’m up to! 🙂

      • Just looked up Waterscape…love it! Perfect for a bath and I love those more saturated colors. Anything white in there will really pop. Looking forward to the progress!

        • thanks! I think with white on the bottom half, and maybe white on the vanity and medicine cabinet, it’ll be pretty nice in there.
          i really need to create a tab with all my house colors listed- maybe this weekend! 🙂

  2. Already looks amazingly better! A light sanding and white paint will make the vanity and mirror look bright and new. Good Luck. mom

  3. Good for you guys! You’re right, it already looks a lot brighter and airy. I have an idea. Where the medicine cabinet is, you could take that down and hang an updated decorative mirror! I think I nice oval one would look nice there. Can’t wait to see!!!!

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