What I Wore Wednesday VII

WIWW 7th edition already?! You know what that means…. it’s freezing out. But finally not raining (altough to quote Curly from City Slickers, the day ain’t over yet!).

I’m working some layers today, because it’s super chilly in here- I forgot to take a picture of my jacket, sorry. It’s only about 50* out but because it’s June the air is blowing at work, it’s got a scheduled date to turn on and once it’s on they can’t shut it off.

Today I’ve got a tank (as always), a ruffled white shirt, and a vest with my standard black dress pants and black shoes. I think I sort of look like a fancy waitress, but whatever I love my vest and I’m not taking it off! Finding a cute, short, cropped vest was far more difficult then it should have been. I bought it 2 or 3 years ago when vests were somewhat popular in the fancy time clothes department and I must have gone to over 5 stores looking for the perfect one- because of this I have absolutely no idea where it came from.

I thought I’d show off my purse and wallet today too, both are from the same store but were purchased at separate times. The purse, which is HUGE and AWESOME my mom got for me a few months ago and the wallet is actually a clutch that I purchased several years ago.

I use the same wallet every single day, since it’s in my purse it doesn’t need to match. For work I generally go back and forth between this bag and the one I featured in WIWW IV because they’re both spacious and have lots of pockets inside.

Here’s the rundown for it all:

  • Ruffled shirt: New York & Company (within the past 2 years)
  • Vest: unknown (within the past 3 years)
  • Dress pants: Gap
  • Black heels: Payless
  • Purse: Anne Klein from TJ Maxx
  • Clutch: Kathy Von Zeeland from TJ Maxx

So what are you wearing today? Do you have any standard work purses? Can you please make it 75* and sunny? Tell me in the comments or join me on The Pleated Poppy!