What I Wore Wednesday VIII

pleated poppyHello all! Thanks for stopping by WIWW, where I’m linking up with The Pleated Poppy for another edition of What I Wore Wednesday!

School’s out for the summer but we’re still busy registering new students for classes, which makes for a nice quick day :). Maybe one of these days I’ll post what I look like 5 minutes after I get home- nothing says “fashion icon” quite like a men’s tshirt and 12 year old shorts….

Today I’ve got another cute ruffled top, a cinched belt, and some light Candies pants. It’s finally not freezing in here so no need for layers, and even though it’s still raining I’m wearing open toed shoes anyway! I didn’t paint those nails for nothing.

Here’s the rundown of it all:

  • Top: New York and Company (within the past year)
  • Pants: Kohl’s (within the past 3 years)
  • Belt: Came with another pair of paints!
  • Shoes: Payless… they’re just plain brown wedges

Normally I’d post another picture with a close up of some accessories or whatever, but today I thought I’d detour from that to ask for a little help. Most of my regular readers know I adopted a dog from Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption a few months back, and the rescue is currently trying to win a grant so they can help more awesome dogs in need. Could you take 2 seconds to vote for them here? No name or email address needed- just searched for Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption and identify the state as IN.


I thank you, Dutch thanks you, and Lucky Lab thanks you!!