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Today I’m linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk to share my High 5 for Friday, but I thought today I’d kick it up a notch and make it a special edition.

Here are 5 of my favorite around the house tips that make life easier, more organized, more festive, more whatever-you-want-it-to-be. Also, this post is full of puns, deal with it. 🙂

1. Relieve some tension!

Use a tension rod to double your cleaning supply storage space. I’ve tried this before and it didn’t work, but that’s because you need a good tension road (not a $2 Big Lots plastic one) and that you need to limit yourself to 3-4 bottles depending on how full they are.

I keep all my cleaning supplies under the sink, where you wouldn’t store any kitchenware anyway, and it’s nice and easy to put the commonly used stuff on the rod and the not so commonly used stuff below it.






2. Let it all hang out!

I use a large over the door towel rack (bought in the bath department) to keep all my necklaces from getting tangled. I used to just stuff them all in a jewelry box (ok, a shoe box) but they would be so messed up and intertwined that I was too annoyed to wear any of them. This works much better, and unless you happen to be in the bedroom and the door is closed you can’t see it at all.  I don’t do this with my nice necklaces because they’re thin and I don’t want them getting caught on anything, but for my chains and beads and tacky stuff  it works great.






3. Who says they’re just for flowers?

I keep my everyday kitchen utensils in a vase next to the stove instead of in a draw where my greasy hands might not be able to easily get them, and instead of in one of those unattractive kitchenware department set ups.

This vase came from TJ Maxx and was on clearance for $7. I had no idea what to do with it when I bought it, I just knew I loved owls and it was very cute. Do you have an adorable vase in a cabinet that you only get to use if someone brings you flowers? I say let that sucker out and about year round!






4. Get carafe-ty!

The internet has about 900 ideas for what to do with old wine corks, but while you’re collecting all the corks what do you do with them? I keep them in a carafe on the bay window right next to my bar (so it goes with the theme of the room to have them out and about!). If you don’t have or want a carafe, why don’t you get another vase out of hiding and put them on display in that? Or maybe a cute pitcher?





5. All soaped up. (I don’t have a pun for this tip…)

I am honestly far to lazy to reach under my sink or in a cabinet whenever I have to do dishes, and I don’t want a Dollar Store dish soap container sitting on my counter all the time either. Instead, I got this olive oil dispenser from The Christmas Tree Shops and removed the pourer so I could sneakily keep my dish soap out in it. I got this idea from a friend of mine and it works perfectly. I have a canister set out on the counter and this just plops down next to it and looks decorative.








So what do you do to sneak space around the house? To jazz up things that might not otherwise be jazzed? To use cute containers when you have nothing cute to put in them? I’d love to know!


One thought on “5 Home Tips & Tricks

  1. how about…
    5. Clean up your sink! or … nope that’s all I got 🙂

    I use a big ceramic canister for all of my cooking utensils too. I got it at Deseret (a Mormon good will!) for like $2 and it’s heavy enough that it holds all sorts of metal and wooden utensils.

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