The Living Room from All Angles!

We finally, finally have furniture and a decent set up in the living room so I thought I’d post a little update on how it’s looking these days:

Here’s the view of the room from the kitchen/sunroom entrance (remember, there are 4 entrances to this room). You can see there’s a little walkway along the back wall that’s defined by the two chairs and the end table.

I’m thinking I might want to nix that accent wall and just have all the walls be gray- what do you think? The point of it was to tie the room in with the kitchen, which is the same yellow color, but I don’t know if that’s working out. The lighting is so different in each room most people don’t even realize it’s the same paint color.

Here’s the view from one of the back corners- you can see a speck of the left entrance, the second kitchen entrance, then the staircase entrance, and the chalkboard wall is where the front door is so that’s the 4th entrance.

I’m still loving my gallery wall… though maybe not as much as Luigi loves that sun spot.

This just shows how I decorated one of the coffee tables to tie in with the gallery wall. All those candle holders were from the dollar store!

A view from the couch straight ahead. Helloooo zebras!I think the coffee table goes great in its new spot, as opposed to being used as an accent table like we had it before.

The coffee table used to be where my new accent table is now. We’re all done adding furniture to this room so it doesn’t get too heavy a feeling, but we still need to do some finishing touches for sure.

And just because I’m obsessed with it, here’s another shot of my new accent table.

For a step by step breakdown on how to spraypaint furniture and how to glaze furniture you can check out this post . It was so easy and fun, I now want to spraypaint and glaze everything in my house. I might need a talking-to.

Metallic silver? Check! Black glaze? Check! ::SWOON::

So what do you think- yay or nay on the accent wall? I also want to spray paint the ceiling fan wings black, and the room could use some more yellow accents thrown in somewhere.


6 thoughts on “The Living Room from All Angles!

  1. are you thinking of changing the yellow accent wall to the gray of the rest of the room? I really like it. I think it’s sunshiney! so even in winter when it’s gray and cold outside the yellow will be nice and bright, even if it seemingly doesn’t match the other room because of the light.

    • I am! But I am so torn– because it IS sunshiney! I don’t want to overdo the gray and black and turn it to gloom, but I don’t want the room to look disjointed either. I think I’m going to yellow it up with some accessories and then see how I feel.

  2. I am loving it! It is soothing, but energetic at the same time with the zebra print. I love how the gallery wall turned into that interesting upward shape. I haven’t seen that anywhere else (outside of a staircase, which has to go up) and I really like it. I think throw pillows could be your best friends in terms of bringing in the yellow into the living room. Or a big area rug, or a couple additional yellow candle holders on the end table. Or what the heck – all of them! It is very charming, well done!

    • Thank you! I think you’re right– yellow candle holders and maybe even a yellow floor lamp would be awesome. I actually have a yellow throw blanket and pillow that go on the couch butttt they have to stay tucked away until the puppy learns not to chew. haha.

      I have grand plans to make or stencil a rug someday because oh my goodness are rugs expensive, especially when you need an 8×10, but I’m not confident enough for that yet! 🙂

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