As the plants grow…

It’s been a few weeks since we put in flower bed number one and flower bed number two, so I thought I’d post an update on how things are going:

Flower bed number one is growing slowly but surely- we had a pansy casualty in the lefthand corner but the impatients are spreading and budding. The rose bush continues to bloom, though I can’t tell if it’s growing and I think even if it does it’ll take a few years to really make a difference.

Flower bed number two is doing great! The gladiolas are popping up and hopefully soon they’ll cover my ugly cement stairs. The shasta daisy transplants have little green buds at the end which I’m very excited about, but those are another that’ll take 3-4 years to spread throughout the whole bed.

Parsley (top right) is thriving, basil (bottom right) is starting to really come together, oregano (bottom left) is new to that pot but so far so good, and the rose bush is very much alive and growing but is yet to bud.

The raised dirt part of the yard will one day be covered with ivy, but for right now there’s about 12 fighting-to-stay-alive transplants we’ve got our fingers crossed on. Some look ok, others not so much. We’ll see how that goes… but this could be a 5 or 6 year venture.

Not pictured:

  • On the front steps there’s also a pot of impatients that are doing so-so, the rain got them then the heat got them so hopefully over the next week they’ll shape up. I’m also growing some cosmos from seed and they just sprouted a day or two ago
  • There’s another daisy spreader in the yard that’s doing really well and should bloom any day now- I really expected it to die but it hunkered in for the long haul!
  • My three transplanted hostas are doing great, along with the hens and chicks they’re planted near.

So how’s your outside looking? Any tips or tricks?! I’ve learned that they key to keeping my rose bush lush is to add cut up banana peels in the dirt around it and sprinkled a little on top! It works like miracle grow.


3 thoughts on “As the plants grow…

  1. I was hoping for a garden this year too, but with all the projects we are starting now, both inside and out, there is no way that is going to happen for us. We still are hoping to get a privacy fence this year too to keep us secluded from our neighbors just a little more. 😉 But we have planted some beautiful perennials Keep growin!!!! .

  2. my mom loves to garden and she’s got everything from rose bushes to herbs to jalapenos! I think herbs are the best to grow because they’re so useful in the kitchen 🙂 everything looks great!

    • I totalllly want a garden in the yard next year– it was just too much this year to try and clear the spot on top of everything else.
      Hopefully everything stays alive!! 🙂

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