Rugs. Rugs. Rugs.

I think I’ve mentioned rugs about 700 times on this blog- specifically back in December not once but twice and basically every time I’ve posted about the room it’s been referenced again.  An affordable, not awful, 8×10 rug does not exist. So I’d like to take matters into my own hands.

Here are some options I’ve been mulling over lately:

Creating a rug made out of strips of fleece, a la Life on Maple: It seems like you’d just slip it through a rug mat and tie a knot. So you’d need a rug mat, a latch hook (to get it through the holes), and heck-uv-a lot of fleece.

The breakdown: The rug mat can be bought on Amazon for under $20, the latch hook for under $5, and the fleece maybe under $100.

Creating a rug out of strips of towels, a la Tip Junkie: It’s the same process, only with towels instead of fleece. My worries though include if it’ll tear and shred, if it’ll look good in a living room as opposed to a bathroom, if my dog will try to rip up and eat each and every knot.

The breakdown: Same as above, only I feel like a zillion clearance towels would be less expensive then fleece.  Either way, it’s pretty cute. I may test this one out as a 2×3 in my half bath (photos tomorrow, I PROMISE).


 Buy two dull, lazy rugs and merge them together, a la Vintage Revivals. Seriously, even if you don’t want to do this project you should really read what this blogger did. It is amazing.

The breakdown: I think this would cost about the same as the above two options, maybe slightly more. However, you wouldn’t spend hours and hours tying knots and I wouldn’t have the fear that my dog was going to eat it.


I also kind of, really badly, am absolutely dying for a faux sheepskin rug. Ikea makes this tiny version of it. But perhaps I could by a cheap boring rug and cut it into the shape I want, then somehow seal off the edges? This is what I’ve been leaning towards for the longest.

I recently took the gray slipcover off my living room couch to reveal the cream colored fabric underneath and am in the process of testing out how well it holds up in my zoo house (3 cats and a dog). If the cream holds up, I may get an off white shag rug. I really don’t want anything with a pattern because I already have zebra striped chairs and darkish gray walls, so it needs to be toned down and brightened up.



What do you think? Faux sheepskin all the way, amiright?!


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  1. Go with a real sheepskin rug: they’re more durable than the faux sheepskin because of the real leather underside. I have a single cat and he loves the rug, but he gets a little rough with it and scratches it sometimes while he’s rolling around on it. The white ones are also typically machine washable.

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