Half Bath Update

When I last mentioned this room, it looked like this, so really anything is an improvement. This started off as Matt’s project but I’ll be stepping in over the next two weeks (I have some vacation time coming up) to help out and speed things along.

So far the trim has been taken down, the ceiling has gotten two coats of bright white paint, the painted wallpaper has been almost taken down (more on that in a second), and the top coat has been laid out.

Still to do:

  • Add trim paint to the built in
  • Sand down and paint the vanity white
  • Sand down and paint the mirror white
  • Install bead board or wainscoting

But enough words, here’s the visual…

Anything is an improvement over sunshine yellow and navy, right? Right?

We always, always, always use Behr paint because of our very scientific and in depth research: Dad said so. We went with a blue that’s a few shades lighter then the office  and a few shades lighter then what we have in mind for the adjoining room- it’s called Waterscape. This means all of “Matt’s territory” will be steely, manly blue and the rest of the house will be a smorgeous board of crazy Stephanie picks. Fair enough.

Try and ignore the lower wall. I promise it will all work out.

When Matt was attempting to remove the wallpaper that was on the lower half of the wall he ran into a bit of a pickle: apparently the wall was coming off with the paper. He decided to hold up, and we’re going to leave the paper on there and cover it up with bead board or wainscoting. A friend of ours, the same one who helped put in the kitchen sink, will assist with the install. We’ve estimated it’ll cost a little under $100 for all the supplies, so we may  not get to this until early September.


I think once the lower section of the walls are white, along with the vanity and mirror, it’ll look really nice in here. Maybe a little beachy? I’m not sure that’s what I’m going for but it may end up being the case anyway.

Have you done any bathroom updates lately? Ever install bead board or wainscoting? Let a girl know!


8 thoughts on “Half Bath Update

  1. I had a very similar medicine cabinet in my master bath that I wanted to paint to match our vanity. Here’s what I found: if it’s the type that has a wooden-print sticker or veneer over it (as opposed to being made of solid hardwood) it totally pays to take the time to strip the sticker off of it. I used spray TSP, Goo Gone, sandpaper, razor blades, and an INSANE amount of elbow grease, but eventually it all came off and I was left with a naked fiberboard surface on which to prime & paint. Depending on the humidity in your bathroom, you might be able to get away with not going to that length. I just throw it out there because it’s been a couple of years and I haven’t had to deal with any peeling issues or anything. I’m really glad I decided to keep the medicine cabinet too, even though you never see them in the ooh-la-la photos – because a girl’s got a lot of crap and it has to go somewhere, you know what I mean? Lol.

    • Thanks for the tip– I’m going to try sanding it, but I think both the vanity and the mirror are going to need more then just that. Thank goodness for goo gone!!

      It is awfully unattractive, but I can not lose out on three cabinets of storage! ha!

  2. Never installed wainscoting. However your much older cousin ran into the same problem with that dratted wallpaper. (Wallpaper is evil). We sponge painted it so no one could tell we painted over the paper. I like your idea.

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