What I Wore Wednesday: Fourth of July Edition

Happy July 4th! Hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing day off!

Today I’m sporting a lovely men’s undershirt (as an overshirt) and 10 year old athletic shorts from the Weathervane, which I’m not entirely sure exists anymore. I’ve got my dirty hair tied up in a gross bun and I think some of yesterday’s mascara smudged under my left eye. OH YEAH.


On tap for this wonderful, relaxing day off:

  • Laundry (one load is already in the washer)
  • Vacuuming all upholstered surfaces and all curtains as well as the baseboards
  • Sweep the floors upstairs and downstairs
  • Bleach the kitchen countertop
  • Dust, dust, dust
  • Watch as many movies as we can squeeze in before bed



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