The Super Easy Sock Bun

I don’t have any exciting house updates today, I haven’t all week- I’ll get back on that train next week. It’s been busy around here lately so all I’ve got for you today is a hairstyle I’ve been rocking pretty much everyday since I figured out how to do it.

Yesterday I posted this preview on Twitter of the new ‘do and I’m wearing it again today. Yesterday I spent a hot (awesome) day at the beach, today I’ve got a family event to attend, and tomorrow I’ve got a wedding so this is the easiest way to look fancy and get my super long hair off my neck and back all day.


I love having long hair in the winter, but in the summer I regularly want to shave my head so being able to tie it all up without having it be tight and uncomfortable is a huge bonus.


So here’s the how to:

  • Cut the foot off an old tube sock, throw out the foot and roll the tube so it looks more like a scrunchie
  • Get a zillion bobby pins and two hair elastics
  • First, put your hair in a medium or high up ponytail with one of your hair elastics- I use a small sized one so things don’t feel too tight
  • Wrap the sock around the elastic- the longer the tube, the wider your bun will be. Keep in mind also that the longer the tube, the longer your hair will need to be to cover it.
  • Fold your hair over the sock- that’s what gets you the hole in the middle. Just smooth it out all around the sock until the sock doesn’t show anymore and secure it in place with your second elastic
  • Now you’ll have the center of the bun, but depending on how longer your hair is you’ll have a whole extra lion’s mane hanging out around it
  • Divide the hangover hair into two sections, wrap one around while securing it with bobby pins then wrap the second around doing the same
  • Hairspray that sucker into place
  • Go about your day looking super fancy with an old sock in your hair


Here it is from the side- the top is messy because I also twisted my bangs back into it. But you can see how the wrapped around hair just piles in flat layers around it as you go.








I hope you don’t mind the break from house stuff today, I’ll be back at it next week! In the meantime, do you have any other super easy hair tips?



2 thoughts on “The Super Easy Sock Bun

  1. Ever since my hair was viciously chopped off, all of these super awesome long-hairstyle-tips have come along, like the sock bun which I desperately want to try. when my hair was longer though I tended to do a version of the pin-up style rolls on each side of my head. my current hair dresser told me that my hair is PERFECT for finger waves! she said they’re difficult to do but I want to give it a shot sometime soon.

    • Oh finger waves are tough- but they are soooo cute! This one, as soon as your hair fits in ponytail you should be ok- you don’t have to wrap hair around it it’s just that I have so so so much extra.

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