The Transplants

If a Google search landed you here and you were expecting a post about music… my apologies, and I hope you like yourself some flora and fauna.

I have three plant updates to share today, two successes and a failure. Let’s get started with the failure because like my buddy George Costanza says, always end on a high note!

We have several built in flower beds throughout or side yard and they are very overcrowded with spreading filler plants so I thought I’d split them up and move some into our dirt pit of a yard. Unfortunately it looks like our dirt pit is a dirt pit for a reason:

These once lush, green, healthy grasses died in less then 72 hours once moved from a flower bed to the side of the shed.

I have no idea what happened or how things turned ugly so quickly, but I do know that spot is probably destined for a raised flower bed at some point.  I’m still clinging to hope that just one little plant will survive- all I need is one and it will multiply on it’s own! Darwinism!

But on to the good news:

This is the flower bed I put in front of our front steps. The back has some nice gladiola bulbs slowly crawling up in it, and the front is a transplant of some yellow spreading flowers from my coworkers yard.

There’s all sorts of bulbs and new arms coming off this bad boy, and I hope in a few years it takes up this whole section of the bed. I’ve actually decided to extend this bed from the stairs to the end of the house over this summer and next so the front of the house has more curb appeal and less grass to mow. I’ve got another transplant a little ways over to the right that should grow into a nice bush and more of these yellow spreaders growing from seed in a pot (see them on the bottom step?). I also have more then enough rocks to extend the border- my yard is full of rocks.

And speaking of the yard, these little daisies have popped up to join us by the patio table:

Hello happy flowers!

This daisy transplant is also from my coworker and has several new arms sprouting, hopefully it’ll crawl around our retaining wall as time goes on.

Overall the outside needs some serious weeding, and there’s lots of other transplants all over the place that I’m hoping will take.  To see where we started out you can check here and here.




6 thoughts on “The Transplants

  1. It has been so hot and dry lately, it is not a surprise if transplants don’t take. And it might just be in shock and will be fine next year…. But the Darwin approach is always the way to go!

    Those yellow flowers are coreopsis and will spread like crazy. They are a pain if they get weedy though. I have some that are so weedy I might just did up the whole batch and chuck em!

    • Yeah I think I’m just going to leave them there and keep watering then see what pops up- even if just one little branch pops up, it’ll spread eventually.
      The yellow ones are super cute! But ughhhh the weeds. Weeds everywhere! I’m waiting for a day when it’s not god awful hot out to take care of it all.

      PS- hope you and hubby and big brother and baby are doing well!!

  2. Besides the “failure” it looks like the other flowers are doing well! I wonder if you should add some Miracle Grow to the soil where you put the filler plants? Miracle Grow is like crack for plants and flowers, it makes them go wild (in a good way). I added some to my hydrangeas and they are doing pretty good. Good luck on more growing! 😉

    • Thanks! I think this year I’m just going to see what takes because I have sooooo much overgrown stuff everywhere that if it dies, I can just move more. It’s like a jungle out there! I have miracle grow in some of the potted plants though and you’re right, it’s seriously a drug. haha. Hope your roses are doing well!

  3. things are looking great! not everything can be a success but what is successful looks awesome 🙂

    also, you said flora AND fauna… and I didn’t see any pictures of animals. you know I need as many animal pictures in my life as possible!

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