Subtle Changes

I know, I know- I haven’t posted an awesome craft on here in a while. But I promise next week there will be plenty because I am off from work! It’ll be a vacation filled with spraypaint and pets. I’ve got plans to redo the dresser in my bedroom, to paint a bit in the downstairs half bath, to show you some awesome baby shower decorations, and oh yeah- to foster a dog. So we’ll have 3 cats and 2 dogs next week. Then at the end of it all, my big brother and sister-in-law move into their sweet house and join me in the ranks of first time home ownership. HOLY MOLY.

But anyways, on to the subtle things for now.

We have de-slipcovered the living room couch and I am loving how it looks:

It’s like a breath of fresh air swooped down in here.

With the couch such a light color I fell back in love with the yellow accent wall, I think the room seriously needed to lighten up and that cream couch really takes care of it. It makes me almost, almost  glad that the dog chewed the seem of the slipcover and that I was too lazy to resew it so I took it off…

I was worried that in  our zoo (3 cats, 1 dog on a normal day) a cream colored couch would never survive, but it’s been a few weeks as long as I vacuum regularly it’s perfectly fine. Also, it’s been so hot out lately that they prefer lazying around on the cool kitchen floor instead of the hot sunspot couch.

The cream of the couch plays off the cream zebra stripes and in person really links things together- it’s hard to capture that in a photo.

I wish I had known what this room would look like with furniture and design because I don’t think I ever would have bought the slipcover in the first place. At least I’ve got it as a back up in case this does somehow get stained or destroyed.

Also, yes,  currently two frames are missing from the gallery wall. Sadly one fell to it’s death 2 weeks ago (the hole in the bottom left) and the other just needs a new hook to hang on (the hole in the top right).

The second subtle change I have to show you is in the office, and honestly it has been changed for over a month now so I apologize for not sharing sooner:

Let’s pretend this room is not an insanely cluttered hot mess.

We took the blinds off the windows because in the past ten months not once have we changed their position. Also, we hung up some black toppers my Nonna sewed up for us. I made three, THREE, attempts to purchase black toppers and stores were continuously sold out. There must be a new black topper fad I don’t know about.

So anyway, a little bit goes a long way around here. The office gets way more sun without the blinds, and the living room is like a whole new room without the gray slipcover.

What do you think? Have you done anything on the cheap lately that rocked your world?